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Why You Should Get a Facial Every Six Weeks

If you have ever dreamt of having a pure, radiant complexion, there’s nothing like a professional facial to get you there. The process of getting a facial is also a rare chance to retreat from the world and take some time to relax, but how often should you get one?

According to the experts at Charette Cosmetics, you should get a facial every six weeks. To understand why, keep reading.

The importance of skin cell turnover

Dead skin, as well as oil and dirt, can quickly build up in the pores and follicles of your face. This creates blockages that can lead to acne issues and make you look older.

“The secret to great-looking skin is bringing fresh, young skin cells to the surface and allowing them to shine,” says Paul Charette, founder of Charette Cosmetics. “Clear, vibrant skin requires old skin cells to be cleared away for the new in a process called ‘skin cell turnover.’”

Skin cell turnover is a natural process that brings young cells to the surface of the epidermis. However, our bodies sometimes don’t calibrate this process in the most advantageous way, which can lead to problems and visible signs of aging.

Regular facials promote skin cell turnover

“The good news is that, with facials, you can take control of your skin cell turnover,” Charette says. “You don’t have to suffer from acne or wrinkles just because your skin isn’t turning over fast enough on its own. You can set the timetable and determine the right rate.”

Getting regular facials helps you establish the best skin cell turnover rate for you. This not only eliminates blockages and prevents pimples, wrinkles, or other problems from forming, but also makes your skin pop with maximum glow.

“Today’s facials can address a whole slew of skin issues,” Charette says. “In addition to cleaning and moisturizing your skin, they can also prompt your skin to produce new collagen, erase areas of hyperpigmentation, and turn back the clock on your appearance.”

Charette Cosmetics offers several different options for facials. While each meets different needs, all deliver superior results.

Signature Facial

“Pretty much everyone can benefit from our Signature Facial,” Charette remarks. “It can help you achieve a number of common goals, from improving your skin’s health to extracting impurities. It leaves your face looking smooth, even, young, and luminous.”

Charette Cosmetics customizes its Signature Facials to each individual. “We’ll spend time asking you questions and listening to you before developing the plan that’s best for you,” Charette explains. “We offer these facials in a variety of different methods, and the one we use for you will depend on your own specific skin care needs. For instance, we might use a hydro jelly mask for one person, while oxygen or a chemical peel would be more appropriate for another.”

Celebrity Laser Facial

“One of our go-to acne treatments, this facial gently heats the skin, which urges it to create collagen without needing any downtime for recovery,” Charette says. “The process also makes blood vessels become narrower, which reduces redness and even soothes rosacea.”

No matter what skin tone or kind of complexion you might have, the Celebrity Laser Facial can also fix the appearance of age or “liver” spots, wrinkles, scars, broken capillaries, and overly large pores. Why is it called the Celebrity Laser Facial? “With this course of treatment, you’ll be ready to go on camera or walk the red carpet,” Charette explains.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial

“Plasma is key for regenerating the skin,” Charette explains. “For this facial, we take plasma from the patient’s own blood and use it to mimic the body’s natural resources to rejuvenate itself.”

The great thing about the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial is that it doesn’t just ameliorate existing problems with your skin, but also protects your skin against future issues. “Your skin will become more resilient and able to combat the aging process,” Charette says.


For immediate results, consider dermaplaning. This treatment removes the top layer of skin and fine hairs, allowing more light to reflect off your face and making it (quite literally) brighter. It also becomes easier to apply makeup, since your skin becomes as smooth as a mirror.

“This is a popular treatment because the results are so dramatic,” Charette says. “If you don’t have a lot of time — maybe you’re hosting a big party or a reunion is coming up — then dermaplaning can make a huge difference in a short period.”

Diamond Glow Facial

Did you know that diamonds can make your face look younger? Charette Cosmetics’ Diamond Glow Facial uses a wand with a personalized diamond tip to exfoliate your skin and restore your face’s previous appearance.

The treatment only takes a half hour, yet it helps solve nearly all the problems that come with age like duller skin, darker spots, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. “After getting rid of the old layer of skin, this facial infuses the skin with special serums,” Charette says.

Gold Infusion Facials

If diamonds can make you look younger, then how about gold? “Our gold infusion facials use tiny rods to create grooves that help deliver hydrating formulas or injectables like Botox deep into the skin,” Charette says.

This facial can deliver great precision, improving the skin in difficult-to-reach places. “This is the go-to treatment for people who would like to address issues under the eyes or on the edge of their lips,” Charette says.

Skinwave Facial

The Skinwave Facial doesn’t just infuse your skin with one moisturizing agent. In fact, it infuses your skin with a full three moisturizing agents!

“This is a multi-purpose treatment that uses beams of light to coax the pores to open,” Charette says. “Once the skin is ready to receive, a number of hydrating solutions are applied. The last step is hydrogen therapy, which addresses dryness and aging.”

Look your best

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why professional facials are so popular. No matter who you are or what condition your skin is in, adding Charette Cosmetics’ facials to your skincare regime every six weeks will ensure you look your best.