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Why Women Love a Funny Guy

Have you ever noticed that most of the big comedians have stunningly beautiful wives and long, happy marriages? It’s no coincidence, but for some people, the reason could be a secret. Women really do love men who can make them laugh, which is why some of the best relationships are those where two people make each other laugh a lot.

Here are a few reasons why women will fall for the guy who knows how to tell a good joke.

1. Feeling at Ease

When someone laughs, their body releases chemicals that make them feel good. One of the feelings caused by these chemicals is a feeling of being at ease. They feel relaxed and happy. This can help relieve feelings of tension, stress, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions. It can help get rid of the fear as well, so using มุขเสี่ยว with a new relationship can help break the ice.

If one person is feeling uncomfortable in a new relationship, the other person can use humor and jokes to ease them into feeling more relaxed. This can help get rid of some of the tension that you’ll find early on in a relationship when two people don’t know each other very well. When a woman feels at ease around a man, she is more likely to open up, divulge personal details, and even want to spend more time with him. She can feel comfortable in his presence rather than being on guard, because the humor in his personality makes her feel safer.

2. Creates Connections

Did you know that two people who laugh together will have a sense of chemistry between them. But chemical reactions caused by laughing can create a bond that wasn’t there before. This is why people who are great at telling jokes and have a good sense of humor usually have lots of friends. People love to be around them, and it’s not just for the good jokes. They have a feeling of attraction to that person because of the chemical reactions happening in their body. Much of this is involuntary, and they may not even realize it is happening, but this is why the มุขเสี่ยว flirt lines work so well. If a woman responds to them positively, an instant connection can be created.

Even if the two people are total strangers, if a joke is shared between them, that can bring their defenses down, create a chemical reaction, and start forming a bond that may be long lasting. It helps if one joke is followed with another or a joke is followed with a good conversation. This helps to solidify the bond and strengthen it before it has the chance to dissipate. There’s a lot happening at the chemical, biological level when people are telling each other jokes or sharing flirt lines with one another. Sometimes, a person has their defenses up so high that these kinds of things don’t get through, but that’s certainly not always the case.

3. Happy Thoughts

Of course, everyone likes to be happy, and it’s easy to be happy around someone who’s always jovial and telling jokes. Someone with some good flirt lines maybe very successful at helping people to feel happy. If a woman feels happy around a man, she’s more likely to spend time with him and find an excuse to be with him.

Now, being able to tell good jokes or having good flirt lines is not all it takes to keep a relationship going and keep the fires burning, but it certainly helps. This can start a relationship moving in the right direction, and then the other work involved won’t be so difficult. It will be easier to maintain the relationship and to keep interest going.

Check out the Muk Xiao and all the great flirt lines listed to get an idea of what you might want to start with. Just opening the door to a relationship with one of these can be a lot easier than other methods. When you show a woman that you can be a funny guy, it will help you to be more likable in her eyes.