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Why Women are Investing in & Buying Franchise Businesses

In the past, the world of franchising was only for men. However, lately, franchises are becoming more known to women. In fact, most women find that owning a franchise is offering them opportunities and freedom to grow while avoiding the risk and long hours that come with starting a new business. Increasingly, franchises are encouraging women franchisees because they possess the skills needed to run a franchise business. So why are women getting into this lucrative business? Here are five reasons why women buy franchise businesses.

Established Brand, High Returns

You will be buying into a business whose record of accomplishment and reputation are proven. Thus, the business is already successful, and the clients have respect for and trust in its brand. They believe in what the brand stands for. Once you buy into a business whose brand is recognized, you will get a faster return on investment. You will not spend your resources and time convincing customers to try a new product like new startups do.


Many women like the flexibility that comes with working for themselves. The balance of work and life is different for everyone. Some opt to spend most of their time with family while others opt not to work on weekends. Since there are many franchise businesses you can choose from, look for the one that fits into the lifestyle you desire.

Be a Boss

After buying a franchise, you become a boss. You call all the shots and manage schedules. You will be the one running the show. However, there is a peck order. Although it will not be similar to being an entrepreneur, it’s the thing to do nowadays. The franchisee will own one unit and manage it but will also agree to go by the rules of the franchisor. Therefore, in a way, you will feel like a boss.

A Proven Concept

The franchising business is all about systems. After buying into a franchise concept that is proven, you avoid the many hurdles that new startups have to go through in their initial stages of operation. This is because a good foundation has already been laid out by the franchisor, who has also identified the kinks in the business. The right franchisor has everything ready and systemized for you. Things such as branding, marketing, approved vendors and site selection will be ready for you.

Risk Avoidance

It is risky and daunting to start a new business. After buying a franchise, you minimize that risk. The main reason why women buy franchises is that they help avoid most of the risks that come with new businesses. After doing preliminary research and choosing the franchise to buy, take time to determine if it is worth buying by thoroughly analyzing it.


With a franchise, you enjoy the advantages of having numbers. One of the things you will benefit from is economies of scale when buying materials, supplying, offering services such as advertising, and negotiating for lease and locations terms. With the above information, it is clear why investing in a franchise the next big thing.

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