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Why Women Also Need to Be Aware of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of aggressive cancer that’s commonly associated with men. It should come as no surprise because the vast majority of sufferers are men.

Research from the UK indicates that one in 140 men will be diagnosed with mesothelioma, compared to one in 710 women.

So how can women be exposed to asbestos and why do women need to be aware of mesothelioma?

Why Do Women Get Mesothelioma?

With mesothelioma taking up to forty years to actually appear, you may be wondering why women would get mesothelioma at all. After all, most jobs where mesothelioma exposure is a risk are dominated almost entirely by men.

But asbestos exposure can occur at any time. A man may come home from work with asbestos fibers on his work clothes. Women could also be exposed in their own homes during renovations.

This is why women still have to be aware and vigilant.

It’s not too long ago that school ceilings were built using asbestos. The EPA stipulates that asbestos doesn’t have to be removed, but the hazard must be contained.

Early Diagnosis is Crucial

 Paul Kraus is the world’s longest mesothelioma survivor. He has lived with the disease for more than twenty years, which makes him something of a modern-day medical miracle.

Part of the reason why he survived was as a result of early diagnosis.

The issue with mesothelioma is that this is a dormant form of cancer. Asbestos fibers ingested into the body may not actually lead to active cancer for up to forty years.

To figure out what mesothelioma is and whether you have it, you need to think about when and where you could have been exposed and remain vigilant for any symptoms that appear out of the ordinary.

Moving quickly could save your life.

Read this link for more information on the diagnosis of mesothelioma: https://survivingmesothelioma.com/mesothelioma/what-is-mesothelioma/

How Treatment is Improving

Paul has served as an inspiration and an interesting case study since he beat his prognosis. The majority of mesothelioma sufferers don’t live longer than a few months, let alone a few years.

The way Paul has treated himself is through a diet consisting of cancer-fighting superfoods and adopting a healthy lifestyle. He regularly engages in yoga, meditation, and other forms of exercise.

These are the ways in which mainstream medicine are making breakthroughs into helping terminal cancer patients.

But what about the medical side of things?

There are a variety of brand new treatments available today, including:

Photodynamic Therapy – Light-activated drugs are circulated throughout the body to attack and kill cancer cells.

Gene Therapy – Repair and replacement of damaged genes. Also has the potential to prevent cancer in the first place.

Biological Therapy – The manufacture of drugs that use the body’s natural substances to fight back against cancer.

Last Word – Should You Worry?

It’s easy to get carried away with worry now that you know women are also at risk of developing mesothelioma. Paul, however, has demonstrated that there is hope. You can survive mesothelioma with the latest medical treatments.

Do you know anyone who has mesothelioma?

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