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Why Travel to Germany – Top of Weird Motives

Invariably “correct” Germany is a good cuisine, perfect service, and well-groomed cities. In the summer, tourists usually go to the Baltic coast and Bavaria lakes, in the winter – mounting skiing resorts. Follow this weblink to know more details about getting there in the best way.

However, the Germany that is not so “correct” seems more attractive for thousands of tourists every year. Let’s learn about the travelers’ unusual reasons for visiting this country.

1. Forbidden Fruit is so Much Sweeter

A terrible thirst for adventures and passions lures the travelers in Reeperbahn Street in Hamburg – the German Sin City no more than 0.6 miles long. It’s here that life can introduce an entirely new trick. You won’t be able to find any typical sightseeings like churches or museums.  Go-go clubs, sex shops, and brothels are the only sights there.

2. The Better than Beer is the Beer that Never Stops Flowing

No true beer fan will pass up the opportunity to come to the Oktoberfest in Munich. More than 6 million people visit this fest for 2 weeks of its activities. The majority of the foreign frequent flyers are from Great Britain, USA, Austria, France, and Switzerland. All guests including German spend a billion euro during the fest. They enjoy beer, sausages, fries chickens, souvenirs, and entertainments.

3. Extreme for Getting a Thrill

German ski resorts are not worse than Austrian ones but offer more affordable prices. One of the most popular of them is Garmisch-Partenkirchen in German Alps that is located at the foot of Zugspitze – the highest mountain in the country. The total length of ski pistes is 74.5 miles. Over half of them falls to the route of a difficult level. The festivals of winter-grade types of sport are conducted annually, so, you never find yourself getting bored here.

4. Remember in the Name of Freedom

When walking down the landmarks of the East Berlin you’ll visit the closed airport Tempelhof and learn about its role at the very beginning of the Cold War. You can pass the checkpoint from East to West along Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof and learn about the reasons for calling it “The Palace of Tears”. You’ll hear the stories of running away that will make your heart freeze and see the most memorable areas of the Berlin Wall. You’ll see the GDR museum to know more about East Germany’s way of life.

5. The Body Fuels the Mind

Thermal Baths were the privileges of wealth long ago, but they are more accessible now. The most popular resorts are Bad Ems, Ahr-Thermen in Bad Neuenahr, Therme Erding not far from Munich, Bali Therme in Westfalia, and many others. Some sanctuaries are located close to the geothermal mineral or brine source. For example, Bad Neuenahr’s terms are located at the borehole Apollinaris drilled in 1852. The healthy way of life is in vogue, for now, that’s why thermal baths in Germany are a hot favorite for travelers.

A wide range of unusual entertaining in Germany meets every need. You can spend the evening in the bars and then replenish yourself at a chaste resort. Feel a powerful catharsis while sightseeing the places with sad history or have great fun on the snow-capped mountain slopes.