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Why Shaving IS NOT a Good Way to Pass a Drug Test

Though shaving your head seems like a reasonable idea when you’re faced with a hair follicle drug test, we assure you, it isn’t. Trust us; you’re not the first person that thought of it, you’re certainly not going to be the last. But we’re here to make sure you’re not the person that falls for the oldest trick in the drug testing book – getting yourself rid of hair.

To help you understand why shaving doesn’t work, we first have to explain the relationship between hair and drug metabolites.

Hair and drugs 

Everything you ingest eventually becomes a part of you. The same rule applies to drugs and their metabolites. As you ingest or consume drugs in any way, they’ll be processed by the body and enter your bloodstream. Your bloodstream is diligently carrying nutrients and drugs processed by the liver to all parts of your body, including hair. Now, as your follicle draws nutrients from the bloodstream, it also draws drug metabolites, making them into the building blocks of your hair.

The common misconception about drug metabolites is that they stay in your hair for 90 days, after which they become undetectable by a drug test. This is far from the truth, since organic drug metabolites, such as THC, can survive in your hair indefinitely, or at least until you cut your hair. However, lab technicians only take approx. 1.5 inches of your hair, which equates to 90 days of hair growth, for testing. And if you haven’t smoked or used drugs for more than 90 days, you’ll probably pass a drug test.

If the lab technicians were to cut slightly more length, they would surely find drugs in your hair. But what if you were to show up at the testing facility without a hair on your head?

Why doesn’t shaving work?

By now, shaving your head must seem like a good idea, but it’s not, and for a multitude of reasons, according to this Med Signals website we’ve found (https://medsignals.com/). Allow us to elaborate.

You’re due to show up at a testing facility for a hair follicle testing, and you do so with a freshly shaved head. Though it can be attributed to a style change, it’s bound to raise suspicion. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hair on your head, and now lab technicians can’t take enough of your hair to make a sample suitable for testing. At this point, you might think you’re off the hook. But lab technicians can use any hair from your body to test you for drugs.

Everything you ingest eventually becomes a building block of your hair – all of your hair, including those on your body. Lab technicians can use the hair from your beard, if you wear one, your chest, armpit hair, or just about any hair on your body. It’s still hair, and if you haven’t shaved your entire body, they can test it for drugs. Now, shaving your body will surely do the trick.

Except it won’t. Everything you ingest also becomes the building block of your nails, and in case you shoved up fully shaved, labs can test your nail clippings. In fact, they’ll be using the exact same method they would use on your hair. Excessively trimming your nails won’t help either; labs can even test smaller nail shavings. However, you can save yourself the trouble of shaving your head, or your entire body, and ruining your fingernails.

What can you do?

Well, since you’re submitting to a hair follicle testing, you can wash drug metabolites from your hair. Since drug metabolites are now building block of your hair, hidden deep beneath the hair strands’ surface, they’re notoriously tricky to rinse out. Your everyday, regular shampoos aren’t potent enough to penetrate the hair shaft and remove drug metabolites found within. And you’ll need a specially formulated shampoo to do that.

Hair detox shampoo’s, such as Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid, are specially formulated products that penetrate the hair and rinse the drug metabolites out. For chronic drug enthusiasts, more thorough hair detoxification is required, using a structured hair detox method that involves using the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. It can safely remove drug metabolites from your strands and help you prepare for a drug test. And unlike shaving your head, it doesn’t raise any red flags of suspicion. Read more about Aloe Rid detox shampoo in this article:


Final thoughts

A shaved head can be a powerful style statement or an effective way to deal with male pattern baldness. But it’s a horrible and pointless method of passing a hair follicle testing, especially when labs can test any body hair or nail clippings, which is why it’s best to invest in a high-quality detox shampoo and go in prepared.