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Why Physical Fitness is Important – Reasons To Start Early

Physical Fitness, maintaining your body fit and fine. But why is it so important? Why should you start bothering about it from an early age? How to know the exact age to keep you young and hot for a longer duration of time? Such questions consult people when they step in teenage and their hormones start to kick on a larger scale.

First of all, let us answer the first part i.e. why it is important, a few points of consultation are given below for those who want to be self-aware and want to start to bother about the lifestyle they are following:

Heart – Attack:

This is one of the most dangerous problems and it is substantially starting to impact in early 30’s with a few exceptional cases of where people in their 20’s felt the first stroke. The main cause for this problem is intake of diet with more cholesterol and no work out to burn it out.


Sitting jobs nowadays take longer hours than it used to take earlier, a few extra hours of work is creating a ruckus in your body that you are avoiding. Obesity is increasing and this tension needs quick attention as obesity invites hub of diseases.

Diabetes & Blood Pressure:

These are the disease that has curbed to every third individual on earth and it is all due to lack of physical fitness. Diabetes 2 can even lead to cancer some of which you cannot be cured of.

Body, Muscles & Joint Pain:

You would have heard your elders complaining about these pains usually, but it starting to get to the early ages as no one is taking any effort to use most of the joints of their body for the longer duration of the hours as they were expected.


Seriously, this cause is what leads to suicide and mass murders in countries such as U.S. you must take the efforts to use your body as it will help in mental exercise as well which will in turn lead away your tensions and you would be able to lower the rate of depression. Even help to gain a friend or two more. Study shows that depression is also one of the reasons for your hair loss.

In the above points, you must have got the idea of what all can be the impact of not being physically fit, and you might be feel shock that with the investment of how much amount of time daily you can avoid all these issues. Do you want to know? Merely 30 minutes of daily work out can shed your tension from getting in trap of these diseases.

Intensive work out with proper diet and appropriate amount of water intake can help you smoothen your lifestyle with awesome body and mental status. You can be “Fab from Fat” in least time if you just start work out at right age.


Well, there is famous saying “Precaution Is Better Than Cure” same is the case with starting up early, if you start to work out early you can almost avoid any dreadful disease that might occur after few years. It is a good thing that there is no minimum age limit of starting to take of your physique, but there is a precaution that you must take, you should start with lighter work out such as Yoga, Aerobics if you are below 14 years of age.

Not only it helps in building a better life but also help you to live longer. The impact of good and exercise is reflected through the glowing skin which the result of waste fluid excretion through sweating.

From schools, colleges to office life most of the time is consumed in seating which is why we need a proper workout. As most of the time, we have heard from our elders that body is like a machine you have keep it running to let it run smoothly.


Body and mind are two things that need a proper workout to stay sharp and ahead of the world. The common lifestyle that we are following is dangerous that researchers consider it to be deadlier than smoking. So, if you want to good things to happen around then keep your body fit with exercise and nutritious diet.

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