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Why People Love Shopping from Fashion Nova

We cannot deny the fact that different trends have revolutionized the fashion industry. What was applicable 19 years ago seems outdated now. More recently, stakeholders in the fashion industry have begun to clamor for people wearing less, encouraging the culture of renting clothes, and purchasing fairly used clothes. These policies lean towards the quality over quantity rule.

There are many winners and losers from these changes. One of the biggest winners is Fashion Nova. There is hardly any trendy person and follows pop culture who does not know the Fashion Nova brand. With the widespread advent of social media, it is easy to identify a brand’s identity.

Fashion Nova has an online identity that is matched by only the best. When you open your Instagram app and search ‘fashion,’ the first-page suggestion is Fashion Nova’s. That alone underlines the brand’s popularity.

To say that people love shopping from Fashion Nova is an understatement. It’s common to see the average online shopper scroll through Fashion Nova’s social media or website pages, looking for what to buy.

The question that keeps popping up in many people’s heads is why people really love shopping from Fashion Nova.

Are you interested in knowing? Stay with us.

Reason 1: Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s evident in Fashion Nova’s catalog. For a brand that churns out over 800 designs every day, variety is its strength. Whatever the occasion is, you’re sure to find a design that will suit your expectations.

Also, the brand is open to both genders. Whether you’re a man or woman, there is an abundance of items to choose from. Some popular brands are gender-specific, thereby limiting their items to a particular group. For those who want to purchase similar outfits for both genders, Fashion Nova has got them covered.

Even better, shoppers who cannot find a particular specification can send their needs to Fashion Nova. As a brand that partners with over 100 clothiers, it isn’t difficult meeting a customer’s needs.

Reason 2: Social media savviness

For some, the idea of being social media savvy is equivalent to the regular use of social media. However, there are differences, and Fashion Nova seems to understand that. We cannot help but notice how they have built a community of fashion lovers. They are the masters of social media marketing.

Let’s face it; what happens when something is always in your face? At first, you might want to ignore it. However, with consistency, it becomes irresistible. It’s the case of Fashion Nova. They have perfected the art of using social media effectively.

Reason 3: Quality

It’s one thing to be social media savvy; it’s another thing to offer quality to match the popularity. If there is one thing Fashion Nova is known for, it’s quality. Their products go through a meticulous process before being made available to the general public.

The quality of Fashion Nova’s items endears the brand to its customers, and their customer retainers are high.

Reason 4: Pricing

We cannot ignore this part. Fashion Nova offers one of the most customer-friendly prices you can find. It is why they encourage their customers to make a full purchase of their goods. We see no reason why anyone should do otherwise: about 95% of Fashion Nova’s products are sold for less than $50.

With these relatively low prices, it is hard not to see why people love shopping from Fashion Nova. What’s more, customers get quality products at low rates. Quality + Cheap prices? Certainly, the people’s choice.

Reason 5: Speed of sampling

It is an open secret that fashion brands sample competitors’ designs. All they do is tweak the designs, and they’re good to go. Fashion Nova is quite proactive and can sample design within hours. In 24 hours, models are already publicizing the designs.

Customers interested in such designs do not have to wait long before having the designs available to them. This way, it is hard to dump a brand that meets customers’ needs and demands when due.

Most other online fashion brands find it difficult to keep up with the pace at which Fashion Nova operates. The love keeps soaring higher.

Reason 6: All-inclusive sizes

Plus-sized people often complain that they do not get perfect fashion wears sizes for them. Most times, they have to sew their clothes from scratch.

As a forward-thinking fashion brand, Fashion Nova includes various sizes for everyone. It does not matter if you’re a big, bold woman or lean, you’ll find the perfect size for you. It is a smart move considering that the number of overweight or obese people in the US is on the increase. This set of people are not excluded from living their best fashion life, and slaying like other people do.

Reason 7: Brand influencers

Brands are spending a fortune on influencers, and Fashion Nova is not left out. The brand is famed for partnering with some of the biggest celebrities—their No 1. Brand ambassador is Cardi B. She boasts of millions of loyal fans who call themselves the ‘Bardi Gang.’

Some other influencers who have worked with the brand include Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, K. Michelle, and Kylie Jenner. These celebrities have a cult following, and it is normal for their fans to purchase Fashion Nova’s products because the celebrities endorse them.

It is reported that Fashion Nova spent $40 million on influencer marketing in 2019. Evidently, they’re reaping the benefits.

Overall, more customers would love to shop from Fashion Nova because of the ridiculously low prices and replica designs that imitate the big wigs’ trends. We love to see it.