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Why Mothers Love The Revolutionary Playground Safety Flooring called Wetpour

Have you ever asked yourself why mothers love wetpour rubber flooring for their kid’s playground? If not, worry not, you are the best place where everything regarding wetpour flooring will be shared. Wetpour is a soft spongy impact absorbing rubber that is used in children schools, nurseries and anywhere there’s a necessity for outdoor play setting.

Wetpour rubber is also known as ‘soft play,’ ‘playground rubber’ or ‘safe play.’ The rubber is ideal for reducing risk, and it allows freedom for playing. It consists of EPDM rubber granules bonded by a polyurethane resin. Also, it has two layer impact absorbing system.

The rubber provides a consistent hard wearing colorful that stimulates imaginative free play. Its versatility means it may be used for many applications such as special need provision, noise deadening of pavements, bridges, outdoor classrooms, and elderly care. It can also be used as a sports surface for running tracks, a mile a day tracks, mugs and many more.

It must be noted that the rubber has two layers, the first layer which is a recycled rubber crumb bonded and a shock pad for shock absorption.

The following are basics of wet pour flooring:

  • Wetpour base works

The rubber can be laid directly onto the tarmac, no fines concrete or more onto a compacted stone base. Minimum requirements for a compacted stone base is a finished depth of 100mm compacted MOT 1. The base is needed to be sound and level. It’s vital to consider the existing drainage when selecting the base of the installation.

  • Wetpour rubber depth

The depth depends on the use of the area. For instance, for fun around areas with no equipment, the minimum thickness is 20mm depending on the base.

Around play equipment, the depth depends on the critical fall height and fall zone. Usually, play equipment manufacturers will provide you footprint and depth of the required wetpour. For those who don’t understand, critical fall height (CFH) is the height of the highest paly platform.

  • Wetpour rubber colors

There is a wide range of wetpour rubber color. Also, individual colors can be mixed to add interest. You should know that the binder can affect the final color. Light shades such as eggshell can become dirty looking in a short period.

  • Wepour rubber graphics

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to wetpour graphics. Graphics can be the whole surface such as sky design with clouds, rainbows, and sun or hopscotches and shapes.


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