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Why is it Important to Have an Accurate Baby Thermometer?

Babies are prone to regular day to day infection that can cause their body temperature to rise. Although, this helps in improving their immune system however if the temperature increases to a significant level, it becomes essential to see a doctor. A small rise in temperature is acceptable but a substantial increase for babies who are less than a year old must be taken care of even more seriously. Accuracy in babies’ thermometer becomes such importance hence and should not be taken lightly.

How to buy an accurate temperature?

Finding a good thermometer is very important to get the best results. With so many options to choose from people often get confused on the type of thermometer that they should be buying. We have listed down below information on the various kinds of thermometer that you need to be aware of when purchasing a baby thermometer.

  1. Digital thermometers- These thermometers work more or less like the conventional mercury thermometers with the exception that they don’t break and spill out the hazardous mercury. These thermometers come with an alarm functionality that starts beeping when the thermostat has captured the temperature. The thermometer is best suitable for infants and can be placed easily in the rectal and auxiliary areas and can even be placed in the mouth when the baby is big enough. They give good accuracy in temperature but are little challenging to use for babies who move a lot.
  2. Pacifier thermometer-These thermometers are placed inside the nipple of a pacifier and are hence very easy to give a proper reading. They are not extremely accurate, but since with few months only infants, it’s a better choice compared to other conventional modes. Make sure that the one that you are buying comes equipped with an alarm function as various models lack this feature.
  3. Ear thermometers– Ear based thermometers are considered to be another choice by paediatrics as this gauge the body temperature fairly quickly. It is more convenient than other thermometers but not the best regarding their accuracy. For toddlers, a small amount of inaccuracy would do however for infants it is more appropriate to look for a more accurate thermometer.
  4. Temporal artery thermometer- The temporal artery thermometer is a great choice and the most popular thermometer nowadays. This thermometer does a quick scan of the forehead to gauge the bodies’ temperature. Some studies show that this kind of temperature is even better than the devices that capture the rectal temperature and are even more suitable for babies that are scurrying.
Key points to remember

In the last few years, there has been a significant improvement in the quality and design of thermometers. With kids temperature changes are frequent and hence buying the right thermometer is essential. The different thermometer comes with various features and available at separate cost. When it comes to infant choosing precise accuracy in thermometer is always recommended as it helps the accurate diagnostic and can help to cure your baby quickly.

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