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Why I Can’t Live Without Google Sheets (From A Mom’s Perspective)

For every mom, every day is “that time of year” for something. It’s back to school, Christmas planning, spring break is nigh, or what to do on summer vacation. Most moms enter the freak-out zone at just the mention of any of these words. Don’t say it! Where spring break and Santa inspire feelings of excitement in our children, they strike fear in us.

That is because we have to enter a new planning zone for the time of year in question. Cue my solution, Google Sheets. This is something you can have right in front of you for planning every day before, during, and after every time of year.

There are infinite things you can use Google Sheets for as a mom. Have a look.

Oh, the Templates!

Moms love our templates and easy-to-fill-in spaces on the Internet. Google Sheets has a template for the thing you are worried most about right now. Need to organize chores? Extracurricular schedules? Meal planning? Appointments? Birthday parties? Budgets for all of it? It’s all here and more.

There is a template for everything on Google Sheets, with hundreds if not thousands available. Even the budgeting sheets are organized.

If you never had a savings plan but open up a template, you may be inspired to start one. Google Sheets has its own unique way of inspiring through organization. Browse the gallery, you’ll find several you want to start using right now, I promise.

Meal Planning Made Easier

I don’t need to tell you that there is a lot of time put into meal planning, even when you aren’t fastidious about it. They still need to eat, several times a day. You need to budget both time and money issues into every meal plan.

With Google Sheets, you can calculate quickly what you have and what you need, and even how to buy the right groceries.

You may find some extra room in the budget, for example for meal kits and grocery kits that get sent to your door, so that you don’t have to budget the time for the shop. If you have dietary needs in the home that you need to accommodate, that’s one more thing to organize. There is a Google Sheets template there for your meal planning. Use the tabs for additional sheets and you have a new location for your recipe files and links.

You don’t need an app for every item on your meal planning agenda, there’s a Google Sheet for that, all of that, in one handy location you can bring up on any device with just three clicks.

The Budget Gets Less Scary

Nobody likes the word budget, even professionals who budget don’t like the word budget. You can do this with Google Sheets and feel better about yours in just minutes. Use Google Sheets to track every expense, every date, every category of your budget, and what the dollars mean for your family.

You may even find you have more wiggle room than you think for some things. Or, you may just find that putting it on a spreadsheet helps you to stay organized. There is a formula for every budget item you can think of. Try a sample budget template with your family today and see if that makes a difference.

Share With Your Loved Ones

One of the key benefits of Google Sheets is that you have this application online in an interface that can be edited, saved, stored, and shared easily. When you make a Google Sheet for chores, you can send it, and view who is using it the way that you want them to.

This can apply to everything. Your children or other members of the family can add to the family calendars, input their events, and mark things completed for you so that you don’t have to chase them down.

Google’s share function helps you empower them to get things done as well, and also saves time for everybody. Bring Google Sheets into your every day and inspire them to as well. You’ll find life just feels easier.

Open Up Google Sheets Right Now

When you are a busy mother, you have to plan their day so you can plan yours. Every day is a hectic one, even the days off, sometimes especially the days off.

Open up Google Sheets right now and start a new day of organizing your life, and the lives of those in your household.  You’ll see the opportunity for less anxiety about your everyday needs.

If you’re a busy mother and want to learn more about Google Sheets, sites like ProductivitySpot.com can help out tremendously.