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Why Go With Cat Eye Glasses?

Why go with cat eye glasses?

If you recently visited your optician and received the news that it’s time to start wearing glasses. You may be unsure where or how to find the right pair for yourself? There are thousands of pairs of frames available, but finding the perfect pair can and should be easy. Online you can easily discover fashionable and affordable frames. Allow us, however, to make the case for cat eye frames, the purr-fect style of eyewear.

A Short Her-story

Now the cat eye shape has been around the block living for nearly a century, your grandmother, likely even your great-grandmother sported a pair of cat eye glasses at some point in their lives. The shape blossomed into existence in the 1930s and was popularized by the famous filmmaker, Altina Schinasi when she spotted them in an optical shop. Each generation and decade has reimagined the shape, making it fresh and their own. In the 1940s the frames had a pointed corner and narrowed over twenty years until the end of the 1950s. The next decade, in the 1960’s the shape was seen on the big screen with a tinted lens, as sunglasses on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Later and onto the ’70s and ’80s, frames overall ballooned in size including the cat eye. Seen on dazzling stars and the average Jane. Marking their entrance into the ’90s and 2000’s cat eye glasses, and sunglasses, in particular, made their statement with bright colors, growing ever chunky and bold. Then in 2010 until the present, we witnessed the dramatic shrinkage in size to the original smaller retro shape of the 1930s. Using modern, geometric lines that place them in an almost futuristic realm.

What face shapes can wear Cat Eye Glasses?

Cat eye glasses are incredibly versatile and there are enough options and variations of them to fit most face times. If you are blessed with an oval face shape, you have the most options when it comes to picking out glasses shapes. Round faces can pull off nearly all styles including the cat eye shape, as the upward tilt toward the cheekbones is quite complementary to what you naturally have.

If you find that you have a square shape, you can of course wear cat eye frames, since the bottom of the frames has a classic round shape, finding a fuller, more round pair will look stunning with your contrasting features.

When it comes to round faces, finding the right pair of cat eye frames can be tricky but when you have a wide variety to pick from you can be strategic with your options. Cat eye glasses intrinsically, have a rounder shape to them, search for alternate styles and designs that have square bases or more angular geometry to them. These styles are growing in popularity today, meaning you should be able to find the right pair for your face no matter what you were gifted with. Shop at SmartBuyGlasses if you want an easy and affordable way to find eyewear – with over 80,000 frames to pick from and hundreds of brands – discovering your perfect cat eye glasses can be fun and simple.