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Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

So you’ve set goals for yourself this year and you are looking for the right drive to pursue your goals? Have you tried getting a personal trainer yet? Yes! You read that rightly – Personal trainers are full packages when it comes to helping you pursue your goal, considering the level of knowledge they have, their ability to motivate, as well as their ability to set your goals on the right path. If you have set goals that you want so badly to achieve, then you should be looking at the side of a personal trainer, because they can help you in more ways than you know to bring the needed drive and motivation as you pursue your goals. Here are a number of reasons why you should consider getting a personal coach for yourself.

Appropriate Exercises

Whether it is for weight loss or simply to keep fit, you want to stick to the right types of exercises for quick results. Sticking to the right exercises means balancing your routines in a way that addresses every single goal you’ve set for yourself. Of course, it takes quite a lot of studies before you’ll get to understand the exercises that are fit for your particular goal. Even when you know what you want, the exercises that will help you achieve it are often too difficult that the thought of them can scare you or get you lazy. This is where a personal trainer Toronto can help. Yes! They are equipped with a knowledge of the right kind of exercises for your particular need, so the chances of getting it wrong is slimmer. A personal trainer will introduce exercises that will help you pursue your goals at a balanced level while giving you the right motivation to go on with the exercises, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Specialized Guidance

Personal exercises are good and in fact advisable, but even the best exercises can be done wrongly without guidance. Consider the probability of sustaining serious injuries from mistakes that could have been avoided. Of course, you can read up about exercises or even watch YouTube videos that will help, but none can help you hit perfection as much as a personal trainer will do. They have firsthand knowledge of how you go about your routines, hence they can provide instant feedback on what you need to improve on and what needs to be dropped. Researches have proven that instant feedbacks can help build the confidence of a trainee. Furthermore, exercises that require additional technicalities can be easily handled, considering that there is an additional pair of eyes available to access your progress from different angles and help you make adjustments where necessary.

Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

A team coach that’s dedicated to their job can get you going beyond your bounds, but that’s limited to how far your teammates are willing to go. After all, it’s their duty to look after the whole team, so your progress rate may be overshadowed by the progress rate of the whole team. However, a personal trainer is charged with the responsibility of making you improve in your routine. You know how impossible it is to improve on anything when you are stuck in your comfort zone. With the expertise of personal trainers, you can be guided to identify the safest ways to push beyond your limitations. All it may take to take on and overcome new challenges may be a push in the right angles and you’re sailing beyond your bounds.

Create and Stick To Exercise Plans: While it is often very easy to create plans for whatever your endeavors are, the problem often lies in executing them. A lot of physical trainers set targets, download apps with the right routine to help them achieve their goals, but fail in execution, while others don’t even know the right steps to take towards developing a viable plan for achieving their goals. Personal trainers take it upon themselves both to employ their expertise in developing plans that will work and providing the right motivation to make you stick to the plan. Methods may differ from person to person, but the overall goal is to ensure that you stick to plans that will help you meet and surpass your goal. Also, remember that meeting your goals don’t have to take the hardest routines – just as long as your personal trainer is inventive enough, they can develop the right plan that will take you to your goals easily.

Long Term Guidance and Motivation

One great part of working with a trainer on a personal level is the friendship that will be developed. Yes, you’ll most probably hire a personal trainer for a predefined period of time and after that, your contract is over, but because you’ve gone on to know them on a personal basis, it becomes easier to call them and ask them questions regarding new routines and their opinions on certain personal decisions. Apart from that, aging often comes with less motivation to pursue your goals, so at this point, a person that can keep pushing you to go on can come in handy to help you. Even though your contract might have been long terminated, the personal relationship you’ve created will be enough to spur them to want to help you achieve more.

Bring The Personal Touch To Your Training

Personal trainers know the right strings that can be pulled to get you at your best. As part of their jobs, they’ll examine the best strategy that fits your personality, and employ it, as long as it works, irrespective of what the books may say of such strategies. Furthermore, they take a look at your strength and how far you can go on your exercise, hence paying attention to all these in other not to get you overstretched. You may want to consider getting a personal trainer if you want to train at a safe level, especially if you have allergies or you are prone to certain reactions.

There are lots of other reasons why a personal trainer may be the solution you seek for as you pursue your goals. Once you’re able to identify the areas where you need to improve, get a trainer that’s well experienced in it and you’ll be surprised at how fast your development will come.


Sergio Pedemonte is the CEO and principal of Your House Fitness, successful entrepreneur and SEO expert based in Toronto, Canada. Sergio has been featured in a number of news outlets including Global News and CBC as a fitness and wellness expert.