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Why do Parents Need a Parental Control app?

In the 21st century, every kid has access to the phone even the youngest member of the household who is barely 5 years old knows his ways around YouTube.  

But the harsh reality is that the internet is an open medium that has its fair share of predators always lurking around the corner. However, at the same time, you can’t deny the benefits this medium offers to your children.

The only way by which you can be sure of their safety is by using parental control apps like FamiSafe

These are some of the ways they help you ensure your child is safe.


  • Cyberbullies

Parental control apps have a system by which they can detect if your child receives any messages that could be harmful to them or threatens them in any way. Once you’re informed you can deal with them in any way you see fit.

  • Track location 

Often children make their way home as both parents are on jobs. These apps have location tracking by which you can make sure that your child directly reaches home without going to any other place without your permission.

  • Block inappropriate content 

Nowadays it is very easy to deflect from one website to another and even easier to access pornographic websites. But this content at an early age could severely affect the child’s mental health. The parental control apps in this situation help you block these websites and make the internet secure for your child

  • Addiction to apps

The apps and games on the internet can get the children hooked and addicted to them. Which results in child spending a lot of time on the internet and ignoring their duties and chores. The parental control apps help you monitor the amount of time your child spends on a specific app and if it’s too much you can also block that app

  • Screen time 

Too much screen time is harmful to the children, it has been found in research that if a child is in contact with a screen for too long. Then the blue rays that come from that screen can cause long term damage to the child’s eyes. The parental control apps help you set a schedule for the screen use of your child and you can also monitor the amount of time your child spends on the phone.

  • Online Scammers

Children are naïve and often fall in traps designed by these online scammers. Parental control apps inform you if your child tries to give out any personal information about themselves without your permission. Privacy is hard to maintain on the internet but every small step you take is counted. 

  • Pedophiles 

Pedophiles are more common then we can imagine. They lure the children towards them by telling them that they are always right and giving them gifts until the children are fully in their control. If you monitor your child’s activities online through parental control apps you can stop these things before they go too far.

In today’s world, the internet is necessary it is not something you can ban in your home and think the child is safe. A child can access it in a thousand ways without your permission. So you should give them access after taking the necessary preventive measure to make it secure for the child.