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Why Buy Antique Jewellery

Wearing antique jewellery always gives you a classic look.  Today antique engagement rings are not just something brides consider when they want something unique.  They belong to a class of antique jewellery that will not only give your outfit a touch of a classic look but will also give you a charming uniqueness that no modern-day jewellery can match. However, many people today shy away from buying these pieces for fear that they might look out of place. The truth is that if you want to stand out by defining your own style then here are five reasons why should buy some antique jewellery:

  • They are Timeless:

Today many people chase design trends. It’s a great way to spend your hard-earned money. However, if you want to invest in something you will wear for a very long time then you should consider antique pieces.

Designs from seventy years ago easily stand out for the simple reasons that they are not all over society as modern trends are and because they aren’t what many people have seen in the recent past. This makes them timeless.  You can put on your antique bracelet again and again without looking out of place. This makes it a good investment especially if you are going for a pricy piece.

  • They are Unique:

Everyone wants to stand out.  Antique jewellery helps you stand out because they are so unique.  Today the art of making jewellery is pretty standardized. Most pieces of jewellery are made with a diamond or some other well-known stones. This was not always the case with antique jewellery. Many were made from a wide range of materials which make them quite rare. In addition, the process of making jewellery was not mechanized as is the case today.  This means that even though the same designed was used the craftsmanship for each piece was different as pieces of jewellery were handmade. This makes antique jewellery quite unique when compared to modern-day pieces. Furthermore, because many people shun antique jewellery, therefore, there are chances that you may never come across someone wearing a piece that may remotely resemble what you have.

  • They are Affordable:

Price is an important factor when purchasing a piece of jewellery. It is important to note that while antique pieces of jewellery worn by celebs and the rich of yesteryears usually got at a premium price at auctions there are a lot of great pieces you can find at a bargain.  The truth is that today buying a high-quality piece of jewellery that you want to last a lifetime such as a wedding ring is beyond what many people can afford. For this reason, there is no need to sacrifice your happiness on your big day by going for something you can’t afford when you can easily find high-quality antique wedding rings at an affordable price in the antique jewellery shops.  You don’t have to break the bank when you go shopping for jewellery just need to determine the quality of the jewellery you want and check out the antique’s marketplace. You will be surprised at the gems you will find there at amazingly affordable rates.

  • They Help Solve The Ethical Equation:

We all have heard of the term “blood diamonds”, right? Many unscrupulous businessmen use all means to obtain diamond and gold mostly from mines in developing countries mostly in Africa and South America. These individuals use warfare to destabilize countries to make it easy to access these precious stones.  Most of these precious materials end up in the jewellery industry where they are used to make various pieces of jewellery.  This raises an ethical question to jewellery buyers who fuel the wars and inhuman treatment of the indigenous people by creating the demand for this jewellery. Because it is difficult to tell the source of the material used to make a given piece especially those that contain either diamonds or gold. Therefore looking for alternatives can help you solve the dilemma. By buying antique pieces you can be assured that you are not contributing to the brutality that happens where raw materials for making jewellery are mined.

  • They are Links To Your History:

In the past jewellery was made by hand. Furthermore, the world was not interconnected as it is today therefore jewellery producers in the United States couldn’t know beforehand the designs their counterparts in Italy were working on. What this means is that each country had its own designs of jewellery that were not common to other countries. Therefore the best way to connect to your past is by wearing something only your grandparents could have worn. For example, if you are an Italian living in New York when you go antique you can find a piece of Italian jewellery from the time your great grandmother was a young girl. By investing in such a piece, you will have a strong connection to your great grandmother and therefore your history than when you buy some modern trend that has no link to your past.