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Why Are Engraved Bracelets Such an Enduring Jewellery?

If you happen to grow up in a loving family, you may have seen someone wearing an engraved bracelet. It can be your mom, grandmother, aunt, or even your father. Because, no matter the time and age, bracelets with engravings remain a significant piece of jewellery to hold on to forever. Generations after generations in the past have valued it. Generations of today continue to do the same.

Its attraction is ensuring that it still makes up for a memorable gift on any occasion. You can give a gift of the bracelet, as it is, to just about anyone. It doesn’t depend on the circumstances or your relations with them. Of course, you should choose a design that is suitable for the event, but nothing more. So, imagine how much more special it would feel if you make the bracelet even more personal and unique with engravings.

The Attraction Lies in the Engravings

Ever wondered why the ancient people felt like leaving their marks in their caves? Was the little doodles and stone engravings meant to keep them alive forever? Was it their way of leaving a legacy for future generations? While there are many papers about it, the real reasons may never come out in the open. Anyways, we don’t need any proven reasons to say that even the ancient people liked a bit of engraving.

In today’s world, engravings are no longer limited to cave dwellings. They are now an integral part of decorating many types of jewellery. Among this jewellery, bracelets are the most popular medium for engravings as they tend to be thick and spacious.

Types of Engraved Bracelets

There is no limit to the types of bracelets in terms of design philosophies. Jewellers commonly use gold, sterling silver, platinum, stainless steel, copper and so on to make bracelets. They can come with thick plates or thin, with many links or a few. They can come without any adornments. They can also come with trinkets and charms.

There are mainly two types of the bracelet with engravings in terms of their manufacturing method. The most common are the readymade bracelets that people can buy off the shelves. These bracelets still offer numerous designs to find the one that works for you. The pre-set engravings include letters, numbers, inspiring quotes, symbolic charms, symbols, etc. Yet, they are not as personal or unique as customised bracelets for a few reasons.

With a customised bracelet, you won’t have to choose anything set by someone else. Instead, you can choose everything from the materials to the size of each link on the bracelet. You can also engrave anything or everything in all or a few of the bracelet links. You can even mix and match different compositions in some bracelets so that it looks new every time. With such an effort going into the customization, it is no wonder that uniquely engraved bracelets become something incredibly precious and memorable to possess forever.

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