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Why Amsterdam Should Be At The Top Of Your Stag Do Destinations List!!

Well a lot of best men, who are more eager for their best buddy’s stag do than the groom himself, are nowadays having all sorts of ideas and plans to throw the best ever destination stag do.

So if you are looking for the perfect destination for the perfect stag do then read on!!

Amsterdam Stag Do! The name is more than enough to excite a drop of lads who are looking for the most fun destination ever!! But for those who are still confused about where to go, you must read on.

Here are some tidbits about Amsterdam that make it an ideal place for hot & happening adventures and a naughty stag do.

The Finest STAG-activities – Try out these activities adored by the thrill seekers.

Karting – One of the most popular to stag activity in Amsterdam is karting. Both you and your heart will be racing along the track as you zoom ahead in those vehicles. Amsterdam houses Europe’s biggest indoor go karting venue, featuring bridges, hairpins and tunnels – so this won’t be your normal race. Finish off in style with a free beer for the stag who wins the race!!

Beer Bike – If you are facing the big problem of choosing between sight seeing or day boozing then this is the best solution for you! This is one of the most prevalent activities in the city, and for good reason. A beer bike tour allows you to make sure that you get the best of both the activities at the same time.

Nightlife – Who turned up the heat!?

Lap Dancing Club – Well if you feel you know about a night out then be ready to forget it! Amsterdam is the place where nightlife is an entirely new experience! With one of the finest lap dancing clubs in the world, you are sure to enjoy. Go for the lap dance but remember we are only getting started!!

Strip Club – Well you saw this coming! No stag do is complete without a visit to the strip club. However, a strip club in Amsterdam, well that’s a new level altogether! Some clubs offer a private experience as well, so be ready to be joined by a sexy dancer and let the night sway!!

Red Light Tour – Probably the best reason why Amsterdam is famous! The most indulgent two hours of your life, this tour will take you through peep shows, lap dance clubs and bars, while giving you the ultimate Amsterdam experience. Famous for its bold and entirely tolerant nature, the Red Light District extends just about anything your stag do requires.

Food And Drink – Drink your heart out!!

Well if you thought that Amsterdam would only be a treat for your eyes and senses, then you are wrong! Check out these fantastic restaurants.

Bierfabriek – The perfect eatery before a night out in the city centre. This place will serve you Mouth-watering chicken from the barbecue, fresh every day, and Bierfabriek even has its own microbrewery! Talk about convenience.

Belushi’s – Without any fancy description Belushi’s likes to call itself a lively sports bar with a rock and roll theme!! The speciality about this bar is that it is located right in the heart of the red light district which makes it even more convenient! Head out for delicious burgers live sports and endless alcohol!!

 Authentic Dutch Meal: Moeders – Well it is a given that you have to try out the incredible local cuisine when you are in the Netherlands! Moeders will make sure that you get that taste of authentic Dutch cuisine. The locals refer that the food at this place is similar to their moms cooking! Head out to soothe your taste buds!

So, if you think that you and the boys have what it takes to survive an Amsterdam Stag do then go for it!! These reasons are more than enough. Get packing!!