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Who Were You In A Past Life? Here’s How To Remember!

Many people around the world believe that we all have a past, and that it goes well beyond the day we were born. Certain cultures like North Americans, Australians, West Africans and others around the globe believe in reincarnation. You might be a powerful person, a king, or someone’s hero.

The notion is still alive and well in our modern world. If you want to put this idea to the test and see if you truly had a different existence, here’s how.

1. Prepare Your Room

Your room has to be comfortable, and that involves warming or cooling it to the right temperature. Check the lighting as well, and do something about any distracting sounds from your phone or TV. Beach sounds or even white noises can be used so that you are calm and focused as you take a journey through your past.

2. Make Your Mind Relaxed

Now that you are in a comfortable room, you have to relax your mind. You need to be alert, and at the same time able to focus and avoid petty distractions. Also putting “do not disturb” sign outside the door might be helpful.

3. Make Your Body Relaxed

Relaxing your body is largely a question of finding the right pose. You can lay on a bed, the floor, or sit on a comfortable chair. Thus, having a massage before doing this session might help your body unwind.

4. Prepare Safety Measures

When you decide to walk through time and possibly see your past self, you might have a strange and strong spiritual energy to handle. You should prepare yourself appropriately by having safety measures against negative spiritual energy.

To begin with, lie comfortably on your back, close your eyes, put your hands on your sides, and imagine a protective light all over you. Visualize the light shining on you from the sole of your feet to the crown of your head.

Picture the protective light as a manifestation of warmth, love, power, and enlightenment. Feel the light until it is real; and great energy it infuses you with. You can then dim the light a bit, in your mind, so that you can fully be calm and relaxed.

5. Visualized Your Hallway

This is one of the major steps on how to remember your past life. Your journey will begin through picturing a hallway with a door at the end. See as many details you can about this hallway; take in all the minor details as you stroll towards the door to your past.

6. Walk Down Your Hallway

As you walk down the hallway, every step should mean something. Feel the footfalls, and tune all your senses to the experience. Keep walking until you approach the door and put your hands on the knob. Feel the knob, its texture and temperature and everything about it before gently turning it. Then take a deep breath and gently push the door open.

7. Embrace the Past

Welcome to your past. Take everything all in, without judgments or expectations. Focus on noticing and experiencing feel the tenets of your past existence as deeply as possible as you can. Free your mind so that it objectively lets you roam the greatest depths of your former self. See the abstract colors turn into actual objects. For instance, a green plane that turns into a vivid landscape and so forth.

8. Exercise Patience

If you are yet to see something, don’t get impatient. Just go with it, be patient and hold on, focusing more intently. Try to bring up things you love, maybe a hobby. If that fails, you can take a look at your imaginary self. Look at the feet, the shoes, and lastly your cloths they might offer clues as to what you were in your past life. Basically, start with the known, and it will lead into the unknown world you are trying to explore.

9. Embrace the Experience

Embracing the information, you unearth are important. Sure, some of the visions you see will be creations of your own imaginations that have nothing to do with your past life; but some revelations will be real. A couple of sessions over then you will begin to know what is true about a past life, and what’s not. However, believe that all you see is real until proven otherwise, or you will end up disapproving everything you see as baseless imaginations.

10. Come to the Present

Often this comes naturally, without effort. Your conscious mind will simply take over, or the images will stop and you will slip back into the present. Doubts about what you are seeing can also shut of the past and bring you back into the present. But if you want to cut the journey short yourself, envision the doorway you imagine when your journey started, open it, and walk the hallway until you step into the present, then open your eyes.

The past can be interesting, especially when it reveals things you never knew about. The process given above shows how you can take a journey into your past and see what your past life was like. With some luck, and doing the right procedure, you should take a stroll into your past, explore some memories and bring them back with you to present for a more meaningful life.

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