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Who Are the Best Candidates for Nose Jobs?

Whether you call it a nose job or a rhinoplasty, it’s all the same thing, but not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Rhinoplasties can seem like simple medical procedures, but there will be situations where individuals are a poor fit for it and may need a different kind of treatment or cosmetic procedure.

Let’s look at the type of people who would be well suited to having a nose job done. If you are unsure whether you should talk to a specialist about rhinoplasty treatments, then hopefully this blog will give you some answers.

Nasal Deformities

The most common kinds of people who go for a rhinoplasty are those who have misshapen noses. Perhaps the tip is not angled correctly or the dorsal hump is overly large. Maybe the nose is too wide or too thin. Whatever the case, it’s not unusual for people who have irregularly shaped noses to seek out professional cosmetic and medical help.

A rhinoplasty can reshape the nose, giving it a more conventional look. This can help with medical issues, as well as problems of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetic surgeons are able to shape off excess nasal tissue, giving the nose a refined shape or defining parts of the nose better. They are able to move tissue where it is needed, reducing the width of the nose or removing excess cartilage to properly shape the nose.

Cosmetic surgery can usually correct the nose in a single session, but it may take additional sessions if the nose shape relapses or if the client is not completely happy with the finished look. Sometimes, a specialist will recommend a small change to start with and then go from there to see if additional work needs to be done.

Breathing Difficulties

Another common reason for having a nose job done is to correct a breathing problem. Many people who have poorly shaped noses will have trouble breathing. They may not be getting enough airflow into and out of the nasal cavity. Getting rid of some extra tissue can help, as can reshaping the nose. This allows for better airflow.

If you have some trouble sleeping at night or difficulty brushing, it could be your nose that is causing the issue. Consider a consultation with a rhinoplasty expert to determine what the next step would be for you. A simple procedure with little to no downtime could solve the breathing problem and make your life so much better.

Nose jobs don’t always have to be about making your nose look more attractive. They can be very practical and very beneficial, giving you the ability to breathe better, play harder, work longer and live without as much difficulty and struggle in your life.

Realistic Expectations

The best rhinoplasty surgeons will tell their clients to keep their expectations in check. Don’t expect the nose job to drastically change the look of the nose, and keep in mind that a new look for the nose can make the rest of the face appear different.

Your cosmetic surgeon will do the best job possible to ensure that your expectations are met and that you get the nose work done that you need. However, there are limitations that the specialist will make you aware of, and you will want to keep those in mind. Not everyone can have the look that they want or will get the nose they are happy with after the first surgery. For some people, the process takes longer than they may be expecting.

Good Health

If you are in poor health, then any kind of surgery, even a minor one like a rhinoplasty, can be problematic and dangerous. If you want to undergo a surgery, you need to be evaluated by a doctor. Make sure your health is in order before you go through with a procedure that isn’t absolutely necessary. You could be putting yourself at unnecessary risk just for a nicer looking face.

A nose job can make a big difference for many people, but not everyone is right for this kind of treatment. Talk to a specialist and schedule a consultation before you make any big decisions. Get an expert opinion to help you plan the next step.