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White Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Try In 2022

First off, white-blonde hair is a stunning yet attention-seeking color that is easily noticeable, so it is not for the faint heart. Besides, this hair hue requires a good financial investment and time to maintain it.

Also, people should avoid dyeing the platinum hair color themselves because it causes damage to their strands. To begin with, dyes weaken the hair, and failure to follow the correct dyeing procedure can result in other colors. Therefore, you should get the right stylist to dye your blonde hair.


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How To Get The White Blonde Hair

While most people might not know this, there is a specific way to dye the hair white blonde. The hairstylist first bleaches the black or brown hair and then applies the dye. People who use cheap and low-quality dyes often end up with damaged hair because the strands weaken and fall off. Also, failure to treat the hair using the required products could lead to more damage. Therefore, you should ask your stylist to advise on the best shampoo and conditioner to use.

Since the hair dye is less strong, it requires regular maintenance, meaning you have to visit the salon monthly or bi-monthly. This keeps it healthy and reduces the chances of looking brassy. The stylist also ensures that your edges are not splitting and advises on the best combs and hairbrushes to use on your hair.

If you want to add curls to your already dyed hair, you should use very low heat to avoid heat damage. Also, avoid blow dryers because they expose your strands to a lot of heat which could cause severe problems. If you have decided to go blonde platinum, this guide will lead you through your journey. Some of the blonde hair color shades to try are;

White Blonde Hair Waves

You have to bleach the entire hair and add some neutral icy tones when getting the white blonde look. You can use a curling iron and cream to get the waves which increase the hair’s volume. If you opt to go for this color, you would need to stay away from dusty environments, as the white color is not a friend of dust.

Voluminous White Blonde Platinum

Nothing beats the beauty of voluminous hair. While dyes can reduce the density of your strands, a good salon will take all the precautions to ensure your hair looks full and healthy even after dyeing. When using heating equipment like blow dryers and curling iron, always use a heat protectant cream.

Cropped Curls

The stylist will have to bleach your hair entirely to achieve this look. Therefore, it takes a bold move for people with natural hair to take this road. Once the hair turns the palest yellow it can, the stylist will dye it platinum. Without bleaching, you won’t get the hair hue you desire.

Blonde Bob

It is not a must to have shoulder-length hair to look beautiful. Even bobs are stunning hairstyles. To make your bob style more popping, dye it platinum blonde. However, you should be careful with your complexion, as this hair hue is choosy with skin tones.

Fashionable Stylish

The fashionable girls always have something amazing to try. If you are one of them, you can make this hairdo your first stop. However, this hairstyle requires more maintenance which could be costly because of the regrowth and the need to reduce the black roots. The good news about it is you can quickly get a style.

Chic Platinum White Shade

The colorist applies highlights at the top parts of your hair to achieve this style. This hairstyle is suitable for long thick hair because it requires less maintenance and is also strong. However, ensure you use the correct products on this one because it can quickly become brassy if you get the products wrong.

Box Ash Blonde Hair

If you are unsure whether to choose the ashy blonde or white blonde hair hue, we are here to help. You can instead bleach your entire hair and apply an ash toner. You will end up with the perfect color. However, hire an experienced stylist to do it for you.



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