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Which Hairbrush is Suitable for Thin Hair?

There is a suitable care product for every hair structure. This applies to thick hair, curly hair, but also to thin hair. The right hairbrush is just as important. The perfect hairbrush not only cares and combs the hair gently, but also removes existing dirt and styling residues. Here you can learn which hairbrush is suitable for thin hair.

Fine hair – what now?

Whether your hair grows fine, thick or curly is determined by your genes. While normal hair is between 0.05 and 0.07 millimetres thick, the diameter of a fine hair is only 0.04 millimetres. Although people with thin hair often have more hair on their head, it does not look the same as thick hair. Thin hairs usually lack the fullness of thick hair. Even though there are many products available for the optimal care and perfect styling of thin hair, the use of the right hairbrush makes a significant contribution to a great looking hairstyle. It combs the hair particularly gently and at the same time prevents hair breakage.

With a volume brush, fullness comes into thin hair

If you have fine hair, you often lack volume. Even if you can naturally build it up with the appropriate products, just the use of a suitable volume brush will make your hair look fuller. If you want to blow-dry your fine hair after washing, an internally hollow volume brush is ideal. The gentle air stream flows through the air holes, drying your hair and simultaneously providing more volume. You should only make sure that you blow-dry your fine hair with lukewarm air only.

The ion brush tames statically charged hair

Are your fine hairs always statically charged and can hardly be tamed? In this case, an ion brush has proven to be the best solution: Thanks to its innovative ion technology, it neutralizes static electricity and ensures that your hair becomes soft and smooth. It even works when you’re on the move and can’t wash or blow-dry your hair. As soon as you press the button on the ion brush, ions are activated. They control the static electricity in your hair and act as an extra conditioner. While soft and thin hair likes to stand out wildly after blow-drying and can often only be tamed by hair setting lotion or spray, the ion brush helps to achieve more shine and your hair can be styled much more easily.

A round brush with boar bristles brings shine to thin hair

If you suffer not only from thin but also from dull hair, a boar bristle brush can help. With the relatively soft bristles you brush your hair gently and the brush brings shine and smoothness to your hair. Since wild boar bristles are similar in structure to human hair, they can remove dandruff and dirt very gently while caring for your hair. They distribute the hair grease formed by the hair roots in your hair, so that it shines especially beautiful. Your scalp is also gently massaged during brushing, so that it is better supplied with blood.

Pay attention to the correct care of your hairbrush

In order for your hairbrush to last long and for you to be able to care for your hair well with it, it must be cleaned regularly and properly. If the brushed hair gets stuck in the hairbrush, it can form an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. You should therefore remove the hair from your brush every day. If you want to remove styling residues from your hairbrush, you can simply clean it with shampoo just like your own hair. However, a boar bristle brush or any other brush with natural bristles should only be air-dryed. If the bristles are dried too hot – a heater can generate too much heat – they become brittle. If you want to clean the spaces between your hairbrush properly, you can simply use a toothbrush.