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When You Buy Your Kids an ipad, The First Thing To Do is Install an iphone Parental Control App

While the world is running the iPhones and iPads race, I know your child is also demanding it vehemently. Well, there is nothing wrong with using them until they are used in the limit and for the appropriate content. As iOS products do not accept external controls, it becomes very difficult to monitor your kids with them.

Now, what do we mean by monitoring kids’ activities over a phone? If you are familiar with the concept of androids or iPhones parental control apps, that exactly is the answer. If not, here is what they are.

These apps, let’s say FamilyTime iPhone parental control app, are being used by parents to look after their kids digitally. They allow parents to manage and control all of their kids’ activities over their devices. You can check their web searches, activities over apps, or on social media platforms. Moreover, you can monitor them using specific control features.

Well, as there are a lot of apps available, not all of them provide all the features. Particularly, when it comes to iPhones or iPads, very rarely an app will provide useful features. Here in this article, I will use FamilyTime as an example as this is providing maximum features with high customizability even for iPhones.

How Will the Right Parental Control App Help Parents?

The right app can help parents in reducing their labor in parenting to a minimum. This means they can do maximum of their supervising or monitoring over the phone. Not just that, it helps parents stay connected to their kids without their physical presence with them all the time so that they do not worry much and stay satisfied.

In the case of FamilyTime, there are two apps. FamilyTime that you install in your phone and FamilyTime Jr. in your kids’ phone. There are few simple steps to set up an account and start monitoring. You make an account on your device and then activate the child’s device using the same information. You can add more than one kid in your app and monitor them respectively.

App Operation: In your app, the dashboard has the profiles of all of your kids. Each profile’s settings can be done individually and independently. So, you open a profile and change the settings as per your requirements. In short, operating it is as simple as anything.

Features: The main features that it offers to monitor iPhone is content filtering from the phone allowing only age-appropriate content to be watched by your kid, apps monitoring that allows you to block the installed apps, screen time limiting that can be used to limit and schedule the time for the usage of the device, and location tracking that makes you keep a record of the places your kids visit. Not just that, you can use this app to geofence the areas that you do want your child to visit. If they trespass the set boundary, you will be notified immediately.

As it offers a lot of features, here is the summary.

  • You can follow and track the history of their locations from your device
  • Put virtual boundaries around unwanted areas through geofencing features
  • Filter the content to remove all the adult material
  • Block the apps that are posing unhealthy effects on your kid through apps blocker
  • Limit the screen time to allow the devices only during healthy and appropriate limits
  • Watch and monitor their contacts
  • Let your kid alert you about their panic situations with just one click through SOS alerts
  • Let your kids call you when they get free from their school or anywhere for enhanced security through PickMeUp alert
  • Use the Speed Alert feature to get notified if your child exceeds the set drive limit to make them responsible drivers

If you want to know how each of these features operates or anything else about this iPhone parental control app, I recommend checking out their website in detail. Moreover, if you want to directly download it, it is available at App Store and Play store. Have fun with the free three days trial that offers all the premium features.