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When To Start Exercising After a C-Section

Exercise is a really important part of recovery after a Cesarean section. However, you need to know when exactly to start and what exercises to do in order to prevent something going wrong and be on the right path to recover.

How To Start Exercising after Cesarean Delivery

18 hours after a C-section

C-sections are mainly done under a spinal anesthesia, that causes loss of sensation in the lower half of the body. It takes approximately 18 hours to start feeling your legs. The moment you start feeling your legs, the doctor will probably ask you to do simple exercises such as: squeezing your toes while lying in bed, squeezing your calf muscles while lying and flapping your feet by moving your ankles.

These exercises may seem simple, but they’re important because they can help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

24 hours after a C-section

24 hours after your C-section, the doctor will ask you to walk around the room. Attempt walking while someone is holding you because those first steps can be difficult and painful.

7 days after a C-section

After your discharge, start doing simple exercises to correct your posture. The pain from the stitches can sometimes cause bad posture that can eventually lead to backaches and other pains.

– Keep your head up, chin down and shoulders back and down. Chest out!
– Keep your back straight when you carry your baby.
– Don’t bend over your baby while breastfeeding. Sit up straight!
– Practice deep breathing. Fill your lungs with air.
– Start neck rotation and shoulder rotation exercises.

6 weeks after a C-section

Start taking walks. Start with 5-minute walks, 3 times a day. Start exercising your shoulders. Do 10 repetitions of lateral raises, bicep curls, triceps extensions and W-V poses.

Do 10 repetitions of knee extensions, calf raises, side leg raises and standing pelvic tilt.

Stretch your back and other muscles with appropriate back stretches.

Important notes:

– Before you start any type of exercise, always check with your doctor.
– Do not overdo your exercise.
– Do not do breath holding exercises for 6 months because they increase intra-abdominal pressure.
– Keep your body hydrated and eat nutritious foods.