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When Platonic Friendship Turns into Romantic Relationship

Some relationships started as instant romantic attractions and blossomed into a friendship. Other relationships began as friendships before they transitioned into romantic relationships. The bottom line is that friendship in any relationship is one of the critical ingredients in sustaining long-term relationships. Friends too can jointly win on real money pokies australia.

The platonic friendship switch to a romantic relationship is not always as easy as seeing someone and knowing you want to be in a relationship with them. There is always a ball of confusion before the happy ending. For instance, one friend developing feelings must consider whether the other friend has mutual feelings and whether voicing this feeling will change the course of the relationship. If both parties have mutual feelings, there is also the consideration of what will happen to their friendship if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Here are clues to look out for if you are looking for pointers about whether your friendship is tip-toeing into a romantic relationship.

Communication frequency

Has the communication frequency increased? Are you both comfortable talking about any and everything? These are usually indicators that there can be more than just friendship, and you should both follow the green light. Chances are both of you know so much about yourselves, and you want them to be the first to know what happened to you, just like they want you to be the first to know how their day went. You want to vent how horrible your day went or give them an exciting update. Meanwhile, you can also visit online casino us frequently for better fun.

You can accurately read each other’s body language

Since you communicate a lot, understanding the subtle non-verbal communication of each other comes easily. You can feel they are not alright even without talking with them because something about their behaviour is off. You know when to call them at the right time. You unconsciously crave PDA, and they willingly oblige. If you’ve mastered your body language, any person who comes into your life as a boyfriend or girlfriend will have a hard time competing with your friends, so you might as well give a romantic relationship a try.

You both enjoy alone time

Your friendship is probably climaxing to another level when you both want to spend time alone in the park, at home, at eateries etc. you make out time to hang out away from your mutual friends and talk about random stuff without getting bored. The chemistry for a romantic relationship is already in place, so you might as well take the leap.