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What You Won’t Find in Herbal Tonics

The undeniable health benefits of superfoods has started a frenzy! There are several options out there for those of us who want to try integrating these ingredients into our health routine, and the decision can be difficult. These power punches can be found in superfoods powders and herbal tonics – and the options may seem endless. But be careful. Not all are created equal.

You may already know how lemon balm and ginger support healthy digestion, and that turmeric can help with circulation support and recovery. You may have also heard that hibiscus and mint are useful for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

So, if you are seeing these ingredients listed on every herbal tonic, they are all the same, right? Nope. It is important to look beyond the ingredients you see listed on the label, and choose it for the things you won’t find.

Harsh Ingredients

One of the things you won’t find in herbal tonics from a company like Sunwink are harsh ingredients. These herbal tonics are plant-based, vegan, and GMO free. The ingredients are sourced from trusted organic farms. It makes a big difference when you can trust the source, and know that anyone’s diet can accommodate superfoods herbal tonics.

There is still some debate on natural vs. manufactured citric acid, and whether that is good or bad for you to consume. It has been used for years to boost acidity, enhance flavor and preserve ingredients. However, natural lemon juice is used in these herbal tonics instead of citric acid, keeping the superfoods tonics chemical free.

Fake Ingredients

Let’s admit it – superfoods don’t always taste good. There is quite a science to breaking down these ingredients to powders and tonics and the resulting flavor can leave a little to be desired. Usually, sweeteners are used to circumvent this issue, but they cause a whole other set of problems.

Artificial sweeteners are not good for you – period. You won’t find Stevia in any of Sunwink’s herbal tonics. To sweeten naturally, ingredients such as pineapple are used, ensuring that sweet flavor you taste is all natural. When the superfoods themselves have bitter notes, such as Sunkist’s Berry Calm, it becomes naturally sweetened thanks to the hibiscus and blueberries.

The fact that you won’t find fake sugar in superfoods herbal tonics is what makes them great for anyone who has to be careful about sugar levels in their diet. (Let’s face it, that’s all of us). With the perfect blends of superfoods, and accompanying beverage or food mixers, you’ll never have to worry about your herbal tonic being sweetened unnaturally.

Wasted Ingredients

By being 100% organic and plant-powered, you won’t find any ingredient included in superfoods herbal tonics that don’t exist naturally. That means, there are no ingredients wasted in their creation.

The reason superfoods herbal tonics from companies like Sunwink are waste-free, is due to the fact they are each co-created with a wellness expert. Almost every herbal tonic developed out of necessity. Hibiscus Mint Unwind was developed by a cancer survivor, while an herbal tonic called Lemon-Rose Uplift was created with lemon balm to help ease nerves.

To ensure superfoods herbal tonics are made with the highest quality, it is important the manufacturing process is rigorously tested for the safest products. Companies like Sunwink have enacted a strict protocol to limit microbial and heavy metals on the finished products and raw materials. You can be assured your herbal tonic is safe.

Another thing you won’t find wasted in the creation of herbal tonics – excess plastic waste. Superfoods herbal tonics are made by the plastic neutral company, Sunwink. To be plastic neutral means that for every piece of plastic that is created to package herbal tonics, an equal amount is removed from the environment. This recycling/waste management effort offers its customers the satisfaction that they are benefitting the environment as well as their health.

Superfoods herbal tonics and powders are packed with plant-powered benefits, leaving no room for anything but the healthiest of ingredients. We spend so much of our time searching for the ingredients we want to integrate into our diet in the most convenient and tasty way. The problem is, we often forget to look for what we don’t want in our product.

Herbal tonics from a company like Sunwink, take the guess work out of choosing a superfood for your routine. You can always trust they are organic, vegan, and GMO free. (The same may not be true about any mixer you use, choose wisely!).

There’s no fake sweeteners, like Stevia in your superfoods herbal tonic. There’s no wasted stuff either. Each healthy, sparkling blend was formulated by experts and responsibility sourced and packaged. Make everything you’re not looking for, become everything you’ve ever wanted, and try herbal tonic today.