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What Would Be Your Reaction When a Stranger Tells You You’re Beautiful

Each life is a process of constant learning. Man’s curiosity slowly discovers the secrets of the universe and the darkest places of the ocean, but can’t get close to discovering the secrets of the human mind. Emotional intelligence can’t be learned from a book and that’s why love and self-acknowledge are the toughest tasks in each human’s life.


This is an internet sensation that got viral worldwide and reached more than 4 million views. The video was done by Shea Glover, 18-year old student from Chicago.

Glover walks on the streets and asks people to stand in front her camera. Then she tells them they’re beautiful. This ordinary and simple sentence has an incredible effect on people. Some were shy, some happy and each and every face had a joyful smile after getting the compliment.

The goal was not to get humans reactions but rather notice the beauty in everyone.

“I want to photograph things that are beautiful,” says Shea.

What started as a beauty project, ended up becoming a social experiment showing the human dimension.

Remember- the longest and deepest love affair is the one that you have with yourself. Love and beauty start from within and then they reflect on everything that surrounds us. The world is beautiful and beauty comes from the inside.

Take a look at Shea’s amazing video!