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What To Do When You’re Struggling With Addiction

Addiction is a horrible disease that affects millions of people. Whether you struggle with abusing drugs or alcohol, no one can help you break the chains of addiction until you realize you have a problem. Seeking help for addiction is a difficult step, but using these three steps can help you regain control of your life.

Understand Your Addiction

Addiction looks different for each person. Some people get addicted to prescription drugs when they are trying to manage chronic pain, while others get hooked on recreational drugs after making poor choices as a teenager. Some people can’t function without alcohol in their systems, and others simply can’t stop thinking about when they can binge drink next. Understanding the level of your addiction can give you a good starting point for getting your life back on track. Do an addiction self assessment.

Once you understand the nature of your addiction and how it affects your life, you can start making a plan to overcome your struggle. identifying short-term and long-term goals is important for giving you a reason to stay sober and beat addiction.

Find Help

Some people stop using addictive substances cold turkey, but only a few are successful in this endeavor. Addiction is more than a string of bad choices; while a few bad choices might have introduced you to your struggle, addiction is a disease. You will likely need help to take back control of your life.

Seek the advice of other recovering addicts in your area. If you are comfortable, consider attending the local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous so you can find a support group to help with your struggles. Finding a sponsor can help you stay accountable and complete the steps to sobriety. If your addiction is severe, you may want to check yourself into a rehabilitation facility. The experts there can help you through the withdrawal process and provide you with the tools and resources you need to maintain sobriety in the future.

Change Your Habits

Staying sober will always be a challenge for you. Because addiction is a disease and not simply a bad habit as many people assume, it is something you will struggle with even after achieving sobriety. It’s important to change your habits and find alternate ways to cope with stress if you want to maintain sobriety and stay in control of your life.

For example, you may need to change your core group of friends. If the people you hang around with most are still dealing with the effects of addiction, you will be more tempted to relapse if you are frequently around drugs and alcohol. You can also look for alternate ways to blow off steam when you are stressed, such as hitting the gym or going for a long walk instead of meeting up with a dealer or pouring a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t have to be the end of your story. With help and guidance, you can get your life back on track. Use these tips to get started.