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What To Do If Your Child Is Hurt At Daycare

A child is always the apple of his/her parents’ eyes, and all parents do their best to safeguard their children from any sort of harm. It is easy to look after children when they are around, but one can not be present with them all the time. Children have to stay away from their parents for a considerable amount of time, as most parents go to work in today’s world.

Subsequently, people find it safe to drop their kids at a reliable daycare instead of leaving them at home with a nanny. There is a certain level of faith that parents have in daycare facilities. However, no one can guarantee the safety of your kid except you.

It’s quite probable for your kid to get hurt at daycare, and this circumstance can be created in all sorts of daycare, regardless of their popularity. The worst part is that there is not just one but many factors that can cause your child to get hurt. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Lack of supervision – This is the most common cause because of which children get hurt at daycare. Children cannot be expected to be careful. So, they require supervision all the time. That’s what you are paying the daycare for, and if your child still gets hurt, the daycare staff is not doing such a good job.
  • Other children – Just like your child, there are other children at the daycare too. They are not old enough to understand what can hurt their friend. And sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly children injure each other.
  • Improper sanitation – If the daycare is not looking after sanitation, your child can face some serious health issues, and it should not be ignored at any cost.
  • Abuse by staff – This is probably the most heinous cause of all. As horrible as it may sound, children being abused by their daycare staff is a common scenario in today’s world. In this case, you should never back off from taking action against the staff.

The aforementioned causes of your child getting injured at daycare are not supposed to push you away from daycare facilities. Instead, they are meant to make you aware of what all can possibly happen so that you can make sure you are keeping your child safe from all of that. However, as we said, you can’t be around your kid all the time, and anything can happen at the daycare. Here is what you can do when this unfortunate event takes place.

Visit a doctor 

When your child gets hurt at daycare, you get a call from the manager or the owner. You must reach the daycare as soon as possible and take your kid to a medical professional to get diagnosed. You never know how severe the injury can be.

Younger children are prone to severe injuries when they are not being looked after. Only a doctor can tell if it is a little sprain in the ankle or a real fracture. Thus, it is always better to ensure your child’s well being before taking any action against the daycare. You can create a scene at the daycare because your child was hurt, but that wouldn’t help. Make sure you’re not doing things mindlessly in a situation like that.

Figure out what happened

Only and only after you have taken your kid to a medical professional and made sure that his hurt has been taken care of, you must find out what happened. Now that you don’t have to worry about your child’s injury, you have all the time to look into the matter personally.

Always keep in mind that until and unless you have talked to a number of people, you don’t have the right to accuse someone. In most cases, it is no one’s fault. Children fall and learn to get up. That’s just how they grow.

File a police report

This step is optional, depending on who or what caused the injury. For example, if your child got hurt while playing with a friend at the daycare, filing a police report just does not make sense. However, if your child got hurt because of staff at the daycare, it is your right to register a complaint. This will help you when you are filing a lawsuit against the daycare or personnel.

You must make sure that you are reaching the cops only after you have completely figured out what caused an injury to your child. Baseless accusations can put you in a really bad situation when your child is actually the victim. So, make sure you communicate with your child well. For that, you need to establish a vocal relationship with your kid because most children find it hard to open up about things that have hurt them.

Speak to a lawyer

After trying your best to find out what exactly caused your child’s hurt, you must make up your mind to contact a lawyer. Arguing with the daycare’s owner will simply make the matter worse. However, if you go to a trusted organization with successful experience, you are sure to get the best advice from attorneys that have been in service for years.

Getting along with a lawyer will ensure that you are getting the justice you deserve. It will also save the other children at the daycare from being hurt as after the case, the people in charge are likely to do their jobs properly, which they are supposed to do anyway. Whatever the situation is, don’t allow yourself to overlook your child’s injury and don’t abstain from speaking to a good lawyer because your child deserves to be safe and sound no matter what.