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What To Do If You Get an Engagement Ring You Hate Without Stressing Your Fiancé

Your soulmate gets down on his knee, pops the question, opens the ring box and the ring is… just hideous. Not that you want it to be more expensive or bigger, the ring isn’t just what would you be wearing on your finger every day for the rest of the life. This is a really sensitive situation and there are some ways than can help you deal with this issue without stressing your man.


1. Do Not Panic

Taste is individual, and it doesn’t mean that your man doesn’t know you if he picked a ring you don’t like. Maybe he liked it and thought it’s the perfect ring. This is not a bad sign for your future marriage- don’t panic!

2. Take a Few Days

Wear the ring on your hand for a week or two, maybe it will grow on you. Enjoy being engaged rather than fighting over the ring! Deal with the ring issue later!

3. Ask Him What Made Him Choose That Ring

Why not to ask him what made him choose that particular ring for you? Maybe there’s a cute and romantic story behind it and you’ll start seeing the ring in a different way.

4. Decide What You Don’t Like About The Ring

So you wore the ring for a couple of weeks and it didn’t grow on you! Decide exactly what you don’t like about the ring so you can gently explain it to your fiancé instead of saying “I hate it”. You can make some changes in the jewelry shop and make the ring more your style. If you think the ring is not expensive enough, just keep your mouth shut.

5. Tell Your Fiancé

You need to calmly approach your fiancé about this issue. Picking a ring was emotional for him too and he really thinks that he got the best ring for you. Don’t insult and talk with him in a nice manner.

6. Plan Ahead Before He Pops The Question

To avoid all these things and got a ring that you really love, start mentioning things you like. You can even start leaving him pictures around.

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