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What to do After a Botox Procedure

You might not be new to Botox procedures and are undergoing treatments every six months. But, it is always good to learn what you should do after a procedure so that you can maximize benefits. Administration of Botox injections will only take several minutes. Once the injections are administered along the facial lines, you will be asked to remain in the same upright or semi-upright position on the exam table, for another 2-5 minutes to make sure you feel good. You will also be asked to avoid lying down for another 2-4 for hours afterward.

If there is a problem with bruising, make sure that you avoid taking aspirin or similar medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen. This will help in keeping the bruising at a minimum level. While some physicians might ask patients to work the treated areas several times in the next few days, some might advise you to refrain from it. Follow the advice of your specialist in this case. But, all the specialists will ask you to avoid any strenuous activities for several hours after receiving the treatments, because it might increase the risk of bruising.

The results are usually evident immediately after the procedure. But according to the Appearance Medicine Centre, to see the full results, you will have to wait for about 3-5 days. This is because it takes time for the swelling around the area of injections to go down. Taking photographs before as well as after the procedure will help you to see the changes clearly. Do not always rely on your memory, because if you couldn’t remember how it really looked before the treatment, then you will not be fully satisfied with your looks after the treatments.

Sometimes, Botox procedures are followed by additional procedures to maximize the effectivity of the treatments. Filler treatments are carried out at times to plump up the wrinkles around the areas that are now relaxed after the Botox procedures. Fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Sculptra, or Radiesse are used in these situations. The area of the crease near the eyes is best treated with Botox and fillers together.

When the wrinkles are originated from deeper layers of the face, you will need several treatments before you see complete results. The results will last for about 4-6 months as the effects of Botox will gradually fade away as the time progresses. The final look of your treated face will also depend on the experience of the specialist who administers these injections to you. An experienced specialist knows to do it better and to avoid side effects as risks as much as possible.

The final results will also depend on the quality of the Botox used and the amount given altogether. Anyhow, if you are estimating the cost of these skin treatments, it is necessary to remember that this is a repetitive procedure. The treatments will need to be repeated once in every 4-6 months. Once you receive treatment and are satisfied with the results, you may start getting ready for the next treatment which can be repeated in a few months.

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