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What Should You Consider Before Buying New Rugs or Floor Mats

Nothing immensely improves a room’s visual and coziness than area rugs, which is why they are a constant feature in many rooms. However, if you want to get a new rug, there are several things to consider.

It’s not enough to have the funds to buy a floor mat or rug. You need to consider what you need it for, your available space, and other factors. So let’s get into those factors.

What room will the rug go into?

It is pertinent to measure the size of your room before choosing a floor mat. For instance, you might want dining room rugs that are enough for you to place your table and chairs.

If you’re seeking a rug for your hallway or corridor, you’ll need a long and narrow rug. For your bedroom, you would either need two long floor mats at two sides of the bed or a large rug under two-thirds of the bed.

Does the rug match your room’s décor?

Purchase a floor mat or rug that fits and blends with the colors of your décor. Neutral rugs should go with bold rooms, and patterned or bold rugs should go with neutral room décor.

What rug pattern should you choose?

In matching décor, ensure that the floor mat comes in a pattern or style that is timeless and not restricted by season. If not, you’ll be unable to use it for a long time, and you’ll be unable to hand it down to your kids if they go out of style.

How will you use the rug?

You’ll need to answer several questions when considering this factor. For example, will the floor mat be a piece to accentuate the room? Or do you plan to have people sit and play on it?

High-traffic areas need flat weave and low pile rugs, while low-traffic places will do well with sisal or shag rugs.

What’s your lifestyle?

Are you the type to change rugs often throughout the year? Do you have pets and kids who will stain the floor mat? Consider buying a few cheap floor mats rather than an expensive one because you wouldn’t be using them for long after all.

How does the rug feel?

When you buy rugs, you need to be sure that they are cozy, especially when you sit on them or walk barefooted. Also, ensure your floor mat has a comfortable material. For instance, if there’s a carpet pad under a low-pile rug, it becomes more comfortable for kids and others who’ll sit on it.

How about maintenance?

You’ll need higher maintenance for rugs placed in high-traffic areas. They might even require professional cleaning. Ensure that they come in suitable materials.

Make sure that you purchase the rugs you can afford to clean frequently and consider a low-maintenance floor mat if you’re cleaning it yourself.

Final Thoughts

We believe that these tips will help you pick your floor mat or rugs with more ease. When you follow the directions we have given, you are sure to find a floor mat that will look beautiful in your room and last for many years.