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What Science Has to Say About Soylent & Huel

Soylent and Huel are two of the most popular meal replacement products in the world today. However, the popularity of these two meal replacement brands stems mostly from the fact that most of their customers are using them for weight loss. As a matter of fact, one Soylent weight loss Health Energy Guru article cited the reasons for this particular brand’s effectiveness in helping individuals lose weight. The effectiveness of ready-to-drink meal replacements like Soylent and Huel, raises some concerns regarding its safety and long term effects. As their popularity continues to grow, more people are asking, “Should I try a Soylent/Huel diet to lose unwanted pounds?”

Soylent and Huel: A Quick Look

The Soylent brand offers different meal-replacement products including shakes, calorie and protein bars, and powdered meals. However, the brand is most popular for its shakes, which its users claim to be very effective in helping you lose weight. Its name is derived from its primary ingredient, which is soy protein isolates, which contains all the 9 essential amino acids for building and repairing muscle tissues. Its other ingredients include isomatulose (a low GI sweetener), sunflower oil and canola oil. Its manufacturer touts Soylent as being a “complete meal in a bottle.” It comes in a variety of flavors including strawberry, café chai, café mocha, café vanilla and original flavor.

Huel, while also a meal replacement product, comes in the form of powder that is mixed with water to make a shake. Its manufacturer claims that it is made of real food such as rice, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, coconut, oats and peas. Like Soylent, this meal-replacement product is being advertised as being a complete food, with a good balance of fats, protein, carbohydrates and fiber. It also supposedly contains all essential 27 vitamins and minerals. Huel has a low sugar content, is 100 percent vegan and comes in gluten-free varieties.

Soylent, Huel and the Science Behind the Weight Loss

So how do these two meal-replacements, Soylent and Huel, work as a weight-loss supplement? It needs to be emphasized that both these brands are not directly selling their products as weight-loss supplements. However, it won’t be a stretch to assume that they are encouraging the buzz that the weight loss effect is generating.

Soylent and Huel helps you lose weight in the same manner as other liquid diets. Limiting your intake to liquefied and pureed foods will definitely restrict your consumption of calories at the same time. Soylent and Huel, while they may be advertised as meal-replacements, come with calories that are below the minimum daily requirements of an average person. With the insufficient calories in liquid diets, the body naturally turns to the next available source of energy, which is its own stored fat.

Is Soylent and Huel Safe to Use for Weight Loss

No matter how much they tout themselves as having all the essential nutrients that your body needs, such nutrients may not be enough to satisfy your daily requirements. One thing that is going for these meal-replacement meals is that they are a better alternative to the traditional liquid diet.

The healthy way to lose excess weight requires more than restricting your caloric intake. It should be a combination of balanced diet and exercise. If you plan on using meal-replacements to lose weight, make sure to supplement with vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to function optimally.