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What makes women happy?

what-makes-women-happy-1It’s really hard to make some women happy, but luckily not all women are alike. All you need to do is make a strong emotional impression. Once you’re in the “emotional zone”, you’ll be fine. Most men think that it’s enough to buy extravagant and expensive gifts to make a woman happy but they’re wrong. It’s better to aim towards her emotions and love. The best way to do is to get to know her as a person and to make that emotional connection. You shouldn’t pressure her for lovemaking, because for women intimate intercourse is not the most important thing in a stable relationship. There are so many ways you can win a woman’s heart.

Every woman wants to feel safe. This doesn’t mean that you need to become an action hero or a bully. You need to help her handle her life and everyday problems.

It is true that women are more attracted to beautiful and handsome boys, but it’s more important that their partner has confidence and to be self-conscious.


Trust is most important in a relationship. Trust is hard to earn and so easy to lose, so be cautious.

Respect her. Show her the respect you have for her. Bring out your gentleman side and make your girl feel like a real princess.

Surprise her. Everyone loves surprises, so once in a while prepare a surprise. Take her out to dinner after a long, work day, take her to a picnic, send her roses to wish her a lovely day..

Express your feelings. Although this is more characteristic of women, once in a while you should express your feeling to her.