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What Makes an Indian Wedding so Special?

An Indian Wedding is no less than a festival. The whole affair goes on for 4 to 5 days with so many rituals, ceremonies as well as parties. It’s a whole lot of gala affair with great pomp and show. The diversity just pours in especially if it is that big fat Indian wedding. The food, settings, drinks and music makes it a fun event that involves a bunch of family and friends having a good time together. There are luxury wedding venues by FNP Gardens that offer great spaces perfect for Indian weddings that have set a new standard.

Here are just a few reasons everyone should live through an Indian wedding:
1. Food

No doubt, food at weddings is the most important aspect. There should be no room for error when it comes to food at wedding. No matter how opulent and well planned the event is, the food has to be perfect. Plus, the main stars of the menu are the appetizers and desserts. A wedding treat is incomplete without relishing on Gulab jamun, ras malai, jalebi, fruit custard, mousse, cake. In NCR there are so many wedding venues in Gurgaon that offer exclusive types of dessert that are e blend of International as well as Indian desserts.

2. Outfits

Nowadays, people are very much keen on getting dressed up for weddings. Plus, there is a trend of having a general color scheme for particular functions that people follow for their outfits. For that, there is a massive pre-wedding shopping spree that is loved by everyone. Every Indian wedding looks no less than fashion parade, girls as well as boys all get dressed up in their designer outfits. Getting dressed up is one of the most amazing thing about Indian wedding.

3. Mehendi (henna)

Girls love this part of weddings, they just love getting tatted up with henna on their hands. Usually all the ladies get henna to blend in with the whole ceremony. There are wedding venues, which usually have lawns that are used for mehendi ceremonies. They are all decked up with fun décor to make this function even more fun.

4. Dancing

The whole wedding event involved loads of dancing and after a few drinks it gets even more fun. It is the best way to enjoy the wedding and people who love music and dancing, just can’t resist from the dance floor. Nowadays, people opt for some quirky dance floors that add a fun twist to the setting making it even more attractive.

5. Photos

No wedding affair is complete without getting clicked and showing off your attire. People love uploading them on social media and tagging their family as well as friends.  Plus, some nice pictures with your loved ones will surely leads to memories of a lifetime.

In the end, an Indian wedding is reflection of a Bollywood movie. The couple looks flawless and it’s the best chance to have fun and dance with your extended family as well as friends. Therefore, never miss a chance to attend an Indian wedding.