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What is Testosterone?

Men, women and even animals have this hormone in their bodies. The amount of hormone produced by a women’s body is less than in a man’s body. Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man what he is. It is the key ingredient for a man to be sexually reproductive and provide sperm. Without testosterone a man is less likely to perform sexually or produce enough sperm.

The production of testosterone in men increases significantly during puberty.  After the age of 30, testosterone production begins to slow down.

Not only does testosterone play a key role in sperm production, it also affects the way fat is stored, the development and maintenance of muscle and bone mass, and the production of red blood cells. Low testosterone levels are known to affect moods and temperaments.

It is a common problem with men that they do not recognize the symptoms of low testosterone, and neither do they feel comfortable visiting doctors to discuss it. The symptoms are often unclear, although they are very subtle.

Many men end up suffering in silence because they are reluctant to talk about sexual dysfunction for fear of embarrassment. Sometimes, they put it down to stress at work, or getting older, and therefore feel that it will simply go away in time. Avoiding the issue is a common problem. Low testosterone will not go away or improve of its own accord.

While TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is familiar with many men, there is still a certain amount of embarrassment when talking about it. It is a good idea to remember that having that first conversation about low testosterone is easier than most men think.

Some symptoms include:

  • Feeling depressed for no reason
  • Disrupted sleep or bad sleep
  • Noticeable loss of muscle mass
  • Less strength
  • Less endurance
  • Constant fatigue and tiredness
  • Mind fogginess
  • Lower energy levels
  • Mood swings
  • Sexual dysfunction

Maintaining optimum testosterone is essential with the demands of modern life. Being healthy both mentally and physically is important as men get older and keeping testosterone levels higher will ensure this.

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Apart from sexual functioning being restored, there are many other benefits of TRT.

  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved mental focus
  • Increase in self confidence
  • Muscle mass and bone density restored
  • Higher energy levels
  • Less or no mood swings

How does TRT work?

Your first step is to visit TRT San Diego, where our professionally trained staff will start the process.

A simple blood test will confirm that you qualify for TRT. Our facilities are comfortable and inviting. Sit back and relax while your test is done. After your test, you will meet with one of our consultants to discuss TRT. Our dedicated staff will explain how everything works and discuss a treatment plan which will be tailored to you.

You will be assigned a personal consultant who will draw up your treatment plan and work out the number of session you need. Your consultant will guide you through the process and be there should you have any questions or concerns.

You can be assured of confidentiality at all times. We keep your information safe and secure. We strive to answer your questions honestly and openly.

Is testosterone replacement therapy safe?

We get asked this question all the time! Here at TRT San Diego we are committed to taking your safely to the next level. Our hormone facility is 100% bio-identical. We make use of hormones which are the same match as those your body produces. This step is vital because your body will reject any foreign body or substance.

Synthetic hormones are often not recognised by the body and are therefore no normally effective in low testosterone treatments.

Utilising our 100% bio-identical replacement therapy, we can deliver treatment which is natural and consistent every time.

Why wait? Contact TRT San Diego immediately to claim your FREE TRT consultation today.

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