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What Do the Numbers on The Fruit Stickers Mean? Next Time Pay More Attention!

We’re constantly surrounded by all sorts of toxins. Even the food we consume contains toxins and that’s why we need to pay extra attention to what we eat.


Have you noticed that fruits and vegetables have numbers on their stickers? That number is called PLU code and it’s consisted of 4 digits starting with number 3 or 4. Those numbers indicate that the fruit was cultivated according to the agricultural rules, using natural fertilizers.


If the fruit has a sticker with a PLU code consisted of 5 numbers, starting with the number 8 that means that the product is probably genetically modified. It would be best if you return this product to the shelf.

If the fruit has a PLU code with 5 numbers, but the first number is 9, that means that the particular fruit is healthy, organic and cultivated without pesticides. This is the best and healthiest choice for you.

Here are some examples: 

4129 = conventionally-grown Fuji apple

94129 = organically-grown Fuji apple

83111 = genetically-modified papaya