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What are The Top Lotion in Japan?

Lotion plays a very important role when it comes to Japanese skincare. However, there is a difference between Western lotions and Japanese lotions. It is primarily supposed to soften the skin and hydrates it. Given that there is a multitude of lotions available in the market, many brands have added extra ingredients to provide other benefits.

Generally, Japanese lotions are applied for multiple uses. Some women may use it as a mask-treatment while other may use it as a body lotion only. Nevertheless, here are the top lotions that can be found widely:

  1. Sakura Lotion

Sakura Cosme is a brand which made Sakura lotion that is made out of Sakakibara hot spring water with an addition of Hyaluronic acid and honey to enhance its effectiveness. It even adds more to its moisturizing ability. It is an additive-free product which makes it easier for people with skin allergies to use. It comes in a mist form allowing women to use it over make-up whenever the skin dries up. Expectedly, the customer reviews of this product are exceptional bringing it on the first place in the list.

  1. Naturie Skin Conditioner

This is one of those skin conditioning lotion that contains Hatomugi, a kind of barley, which is highly nourishing and moisturizing in nature, and works specifically well on dry and rough skin. It is an extremely soothing product that used as a remedy for sunburn. It comes in an economical price which can be used ideally as a body moisturizing lotion.

  1. Curel Moisture Lotion III

This is perfect for sensitive and extremely dry skin. It is an exceptionally gentle lotion which suits the dry skin absolutely. It is an ideal combination of hydrating ingredients, such as eucalyptus and glycerin, and inflammatory ingredients. It penetrates deeply into the skin making it smoother and softer. Formula of Curel is designed for improvement of skin’s natural barrier function making the sensitive skin stronger than before and less vulnerable to irritation.

  1. Kiku Masamune Sake Lotion

It is an absolute product for hydration of the entire body. Sake is one of the most popular skincare ingredient in Japan. It is known for its ability to moisturize and condition the skin. This product contains Sake which is rich in Kojic acid which further smoothens, hydrates and brightens the skin. Furthermore, arbutin, ceramides and amino acids are added in the product to increase the moisturizing effects of the lotion. It comes in an economical price making it an ideal purchase for Japanese women.

  1. Shiseido Elixir Lift Moist Lotion II

If you want a more youthful appearance, then this product is an ideal purchase. It lifts and plumps up the skin. It is a hydrating lotion that comes up with anti-aging benefits. It is specifically designed to deliver transparent, firm and hydrated skin. It penetrates down into the skin hydrating the skin giving it a glowing effect. It is available widely in the market in a range of moisture levels so level of hydration can be selected depending on the type of skin.

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