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What Are the Signs That You Are Due For Tattoo Touch Ups?

To keep tattoos looking their best, you will need to have tattoo touch ups. Unfortunately, when it comes to touch ups, there is no set timeframe for when one is needed. This is because there are so many factors that affect how a tattoo looks and when it may need some TLC. Some tattoos do not heal properly and may need a touch up only a few months after being applied.

Other tattoos, can last for decades before they need some love. Your skin, how well tattoo aftercare protocol is followed, how much sun your tattoo is exposed to, where the tattoo is on your body, the expertise of the tattoo artist and the colors in your tattoo can all play a role when you may need tattoo touch ups. Here are some of the signs that now may be a good time to touch up your tattoos.

The Tattoo Looks Faded or Washed Out

One of the signs that your tattoo is due for a touch up is that the tattoo looks faded or washed out. The colors may not be as vibrant as they once were or you can see that tattoo fading away from your skin. Tattoo colors naturally fade over time, and they fade in the sun. Protecting your tattooed skin while you are out in the sun can help to minimize fading, but it cannot prevent it altogether. A touch up can help restore color to your tattoo, making your tattoo more noticeable and vibrant.

The Tattoo Has Gaps in the Design

Another sign that a touch up is in need of a touch up is gaps in the design of the tattoo. Your tattoo may look like it has expanded or faded and you may see gaps of skin in your tattoo. Gaps in a tattoo can be caused for a few different reasons. First, if your tattoo is fairly new, gaps in the design may mean that your tattoo did not heal properly. This may be because you did not follow aftercare instructions, or simply because people heal differently. Secondly, gaps in the tattoo may be caused by certain colors fading away. Lighter colors tend to fade away faster than darker ones. As such, you may see gaps where light colors have faded out. Lastly, if you have put on some weight, the tattoo may have stretched out, and you may see gaps. A tattoo artist can do touch ups to fill in these gaps.

The Tattoo Lines Are Not Clean and Sharp

The final sign that you are due for a tattoo touch up is tattoo lines that are not clean and sharp. The crisp and clean lines that your tattoo displays when it is new can start to blur or spread as the tattoo ages and as your skin stretches, wrinkles, and changes with age. A touch up can help to restore the shape and integrity of the tattoo, while helping to create clean and sharp lines once again.

If your tattoo is starting to look faded or washed out, if the tattoo has gaps in the design, or if the lines are not as clean and sharp as you would like, tattoo touch ups may be warranted. Not everyone can go back to the tattoo artist who did their tattoo, as such, you will want to reach out to local tattoo shops and look at their touch up portfolios. This will help you see what a tattoo looked like when a client went in, and then see how the tattoo was cleaned up or brought back to life. Paying close attention to their portfolio will help you to find a great tattoo artist to touch up your existing tattoos.