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Weekly Horoscope 29.01 – 04.02

Aries (21.03-20.04)


This will be a defining week for you in matters of the heart. A tender Lunar Eclipse will fall in your true love sector on Wednesday. You might feel a sense of overwhelming love wash over you for someone you’ve recently started to date, and if that’s the case, honor it. This could symbolize a most significant turning point for you where you and you’re sweetheart realize that you’re truly faced with the prospect of having something with each other that is way bigger than you initially thought. You might feel emotional, but also blessed. Romantic fulfillment is yours. Don’t fight it.


The week will be a favorable one and you will be on the verge of completing your tasks well on time. You will be able to give a fine shape to your ideas. Involving yourself in spiritual pursuits will bring you success. You will be able to do well in your work, but at the same time, you may face some difference of opinion with your subordinates. You will be able to show good intelligence in your work and finish your tasks before time.


You will be having pain in legs. Your optimism will enable you to maintain fine health.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You want to give so much to your relationship this week, Taurus, that it might lead to a professional conflict. This is especially true if you find a conflict brewing versus a career opportunity and the time that you want to spend with your love. Your partner isn’t the one getting in the way of your career success at this time, however, you are. Your focus is on love and nurturing the expansive relationship potential in front of you and that’s OK. Just recognize that you are making a choice now about how to divide your energy and as a result, a career opportunity might fall to the wayside.


This week you may have to lose some comforts but your presence of mind will fetch you good results. The pilgrimage will bring you relief and satisfaction for the week. Even if you finish your work, you may commit errors. There will be chances for the waste of money and this may happen due to your negligence. It will be wise for you to be careful while handling money.


Health will not be so good for the week. You may contract throat infections.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


You might make a significant final decision about a relationship matter this week. A heartfelt Lunar Eclipse will fall in your communication sector on Wednesday. This eclipse will lead you to a turning point in your relationship as you and your lover are ready to make a vital shift in your relationship dynamic. This could be about finances, but it could also be about children — whether or not to have them, or about an existing child. Finally, this decision could be about your relationship direction itself. Whatever the details are, the choice you and your partner make now is likely to be final. You’ll be sure about it.


You will have unique skills for accomplishing what you want. You will receive appreciation for the work that you are doing. You will be put more efforts in your approach. You will gain good name from your superiors. You will find it little hard to achieve positive results in work. You will have the pressure of work and you may have to sacrifice some comforts.


Health will be moderate for the week. You may be subjected to stress.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


You might be so over-the-moon in love with your new sweetheart that you make a decision this week that goes against your instincts. This could be about finances, but it might just as easily be about your intimate life. One possible scenario is that you’ll allow your lover to convince you to be overly generous, and will hand him or her some cash to help out with their expenses. This might also be an impulsive gift you give him or her. Another scenario is you might make an irresponsible decision and choose to have unprotected sex when you know neither one of you are at a point in your relationship to do this. Think twice.


The week will be favorable if you make yourself satisfied with what you have. Small issues like facing problems with your colleagues will be possible but you will have some fair chances to show your skills concerning your work. You will be able to shine well in your job by showing your unique skills. You will be recognized for your talent. You will have both expenses and gains for the week.


Practice yoga or meditation as you may be prone to pain in legs. You will be fully fit for the week.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Conversations with your partner open up in innovative new directions all while you are having a clear deepening of your heart. As a result, you’ll be able to share your innermost feelings with your mate in a way that opens new pathways of possibilities in your relationship that never existed before. Don’t hold back, Leo! Now it’s more important than ever to reveal to your lover who you really are. Remember, that’s why he or she loves you so very much.


You may have confusions and it is wise for you to keep your mind open and plan your course of action. You may need to make your communication effective. Practicing meditation will also guide you a lot. You will be having the pressure of work and therefore you may need to plan your course of action. You will not carry out your work by schedule time. You may need to plan your work well.


Health will be low for the week. You will succumb to digestion related problems for the week.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


A significant awakening is possible for you in matters of the heart. This Wednesday a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your hidden 12th house will help you uncover exactly why there has been a certain amount of armor wrapped around your heart for so long. If you are in a relationship and haven’t been as happy as you could be, this might provide an opportunity for some much needed healing. If you’re single and know that you have to recover some more from a past relationship trauma, now is the time you’ll begin to finally release yourself of its grip.


The week will be a passive one. You will not be able to carry out your activities on time. You will find it difficult to reach your target. You will have work pressure and you will appear to be mechanical to meet the ends. If you try to look for a better change that may not be possible. Fortunes related to finances will be limited and you may need to bear more expenses. Handling money with care is vital.


You may have pain in your legs. There will be chances for leg pain but try to relax yourself.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Your love life is about to get busier and much more interesting! This Wednesday Mercury will enter your romance sector. Having the planet of communication in the area of your chart connected to love and pleasure is a great thing. For starters, if you’re single this will be a time when you’ll notice that you meet people with whom you share an instant intellectual connection with. It’ll be a great time to schedule a first date with someone, because you and this person will be talking for hours on end! On the same day, a stunning Lunar Eclipse will fall in your social 11th house. This might help you realize that you have fallen in love with someone who has previously been in the friend zone.


This is the week for you to relax rather than ponder over your future. Don’t worry about the outcomes that you are going to get. Your superiors will acknowledge your hard work. You will adapt yourself to challenging situations in your work. You will have fine scope to increase your bank balance. There will be more of expenses for you rather than money gains.


Chances for leg pain and headache will be possible. You can relax yourself by practicing yoga.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


Your partner might drive you more than a little nutty this week. Conversations at home will pick up the pace, and for the most part, you’ll enjoy hearing your partner’s unusual ideas and progressive thoughts. Things might take a strange turn by the end of the week, however. All of a sudden your partner might decide to spend lots of money on a project that you’re not on board with. This could be a problem. Remind your mate that you’re all about supporting his or her eccentric visions, but you can’t back up a financial decision that doesn’t make sense, no matter how cool it might be.


You will find the week a brighter one. Prepare yourself and make use of the week for achieving major goals. You will get more than what you expect. You can take major decisions too. You will work very hard and carry out your job with ease. But your skills will not be recognized by your superiors. Plenty of opportunities will be available for you with respect to your job.


You will not have major health problems. But you will succumb to some throat irritations.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


You’ll have a much easier time sharing your most innovative ideas with your partner after Wednesday. There might be a literal genius moment happening for you, and you’ll be glad to have your partner available as a sounding board as you flesh it out. If you’re single, there might be a sexy exchange of words between you and someone you’ve got a crush on. You’ll also have more courage than usual to be the one who makes the first move, either initiating a conversation or outright asking this person on a date. Go for it!


This is the week where you will be able to realize your potential. Taking major decisions will be fine for you. You will have more positive energy. You may commit errors in your work. This may be due to carelessness and lack of attention that will reduce your chances of success. You will find chances for a new job this will delight you. You will be able to prove your talent to your superiors.


Health will not be so fine for the week. You may succumb to cold/cough for the week.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


You and your partner might experience a defining moment that can either lead you down a path of deeper intimacy or send you running the other way out of fear. A Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday will activate your 8th House of Secrets and Pain. There might be a skeleton in your closet that you’ve tried keeping from your partner for one reason or another. Most likely it’s because this particular situation or experience caused some magnitude of suffering. This week, however, something might occur that forces you to share this experience with your mate. Don’t be afraid. Trust that your partner will help you heal.


You will find work atmosphere to be less charming. You will not have support from your colleagues. Committing errors will be possible on your part. You will have delays in carrying out your work. It will be wise for you to plan your work and execute the same systematically. You will be left with a little amount of money. There will be less scope for you to earn money.


You will not be healthy and may succumb to cold/cough for the week. There will be digestion related problems.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


This will be quite an eventful week for you in relationship matters, Aquarius, so get ready for it. On Wednesday a potent Lunar Eclipse will fall in your partnership sector, creating a vital turning point in your love life. This is such a magnificent event that it will either significantly deepen the commitment you have with your partner, or lead to an emotional awakening that the two of you really aren’t right for each other. If this is the case, it’s probably not because you don’t love each other, but rather it’s due to other factors. Love is grand but sometimes, sadly, it’s just not enough.


You will be active. You will find traces of luck and will be able to enjoy comforts and happiness for the week. Involving yourself in spiritual pursuits will make you achieve success for the week. You need to be patient and engage yourself in recreational activities. You can show your abilities in your work. Your superiors will appreciate you for the quality of work that you are doing. Money prospects will be less for the week.


You will be subjected to cold/cough. Avoid taking cold beverages.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


It’ll be much easier this week to begin sharing your most private thoughts, fears, and insecurities with your partner. After Wednesday Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into the most hidden part of your chart: the 12th house. As a result, you’ll have a much easier time communicating all of the ideas and notions you have inside of your head that you tend to keep to yourself out of fear that your partner just won’t understand them. Now, even if he or she doesn’t understand them, you’ll want to share. This is a good sign because, after all, if you can’t reveal all of yourself to your partner, does he or she really know you at all?


Your intelligence will work out well for the week. You will find the week more cheerful as you will witness the arrival of visitors to your house. There will be the fine support that you will gain from your colleagues and superiors. Job front will give you progress and ultimate satisfaction. There will be opportunities for you to see your desires for money get fulfilled.


Health will be in fine form. You will be having the attitude to take things easy and this will guide you.