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Weekly Horoscope 27.11 – 03.12

Aries (21.03-20.04)


A surge of wanderlust might overtake your heart this week. If you’re in a relationship, even if you’re happy, part of you might start to wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else. You yearn for more adventure, freedom, growth, and play in your love life, and it’s possible that you’re going to start looking elsewhere if your lover isn’t able to take a new journey with you. Before you write off what might otherwise be a fabulous relationship, why not be the leader of this inspirational voyage and invite your sweetheart to join in? He or she just might surprise you. Single? New explorations lead to romantic opportunities.


You will spend the week by engaging yourself in activities of entertainment and leisure. You will not be able to complete your assigned tasks successfully. You may face delays and pending in work leading to unfinished tasks. Money shortage will be possible for you.


Health will be moderate. Avoid taking cold drinks.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Thinking outside the box when it comes to how you and your partner are handling resources will become more helpful this week. At the same time, however, it’s possible that the two of you recently overlooked something that may now cost the both of you — big time. If there have been any careless investments, tax errors, or other issues with money that you can’t agree on, from now through December 22 you and your love will have an opportunity to find new, more viable solutions. Don’t play the blame game though — it won’t serve either of you well.


You may do a lot of thinking in your mind this week. It will be good for you to take things easy as this will benefit you a lot. You may have to travel for the week concerning your work. There will be more challenges related to your work. The week will not be favorable to you concerning money.


Digestion related issues may be present for you.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


While it’s obvious that you want to have a serious conversation with your partner, at the same time it’s likely that you’re going to stumble over your words and convey the wrong thoughts. Instead of trying to make any vital decisions with your mate, why not make this a week to focus on just enjoying each other’s company and having some fun? Conversations with one intention will quickly turn into a disaster, and you just don’t need that kind of damper on what is otherwise a beautiful romance. Single? One of your clients or a business connection might have the hots for you. Handle with care.


You can make use of this week for purposes of enjoyment. Success will be easily assured for you. You will remain cool and composed in your mind. You will be able to share good feelings with your colleagues. There will be an increase in bank balance for you.


Mental courage will help you to enjoy good health. You will maintain good physical fitness.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Just when you thought all of your romantic dreams have come true, the universe wants to bless you yet again. This week, if you have recently met someone and fallen deeply in love, you’ll begin to explore the deeper spiritual component of your relationship. Much to your delight, you and your sweetheart are likely to find that you each manage to inspire and lift each other up with your perspective on everything from religion to philosophy and even metaphysics. If you’re single, this week you might meet someone as you are exploring your interest in any of these subjects. Pay attention to who is sitting next to you in class or at that workshop!


This would be a normal week, and you need to plan a lot for the week to avoid any loss. Be more determined in your approach. You may need to organize your work as there may be chances for you to commit errors. You may not find work atmosphere to be cordial. You will face delays in executing your work.


Take care of your eyes as there may be chances for infection in eyes.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


There’s serious romantic potential for you this week … but there’s also a catch. You may find yourself in the very real dilemma of having to decide whether or not you want to give one of your exes a second chance. He or she might pop back into your life, opening up all sorts of feelings as well as wounds at once. While it’s possible for you to gain some closure on things and move toward a healthy place, at the same time you’re feeling a bit cautious with your heart. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to make an immediate decision. There’s no reason to rush.


Average results will be seen for the week. There will be more challenges that you may have to face for the week. You may be having travel related to your work. With busy schedules, you may find it little difficult to deliver your tasks on time. You will be able to make even complex tasks into easy ones.


It will be advisable for you to avoid taking cold items. Health will be fine for the week.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Talking about your dreams and greatest hopes with your partner is one thing, but when he or she can help you reach them, well that’s another thing entirely. This week your partner isn’t simply your greatest cheerleader, he or she will also help you pack some real power into your faith and seize a critical moment of opportunity. One of your shared goals might also be realized, much to your happiness. If you’re single, don’t accept a family member’s offer to set you up with someone. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


The week is said to give you modest results. You may need to plan a lot to carry out your activities smoothly. You are likely to face certain ups and downs. You may have to organize your work schedule and carry it out accordingly. Finances will not be so good for the week.


Be relaxed. Don’t stress yourself and take things easy.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


You have a lot to say about matters of the heart this week. The problem, however, is that everything you say may appear to come out all wrong. This will be especially tricky if you are having an actual discussion with your sweetheart about your relationship or about a financial situation. The two of you might have a difficult time coming to an agreement due to your incessant vacillation. You keep changing your mind about your stance because you’re so concerned about ruffling your partner’s feathers. And this is exactly why you end up frustrating your lover. If single, you might keep changing your mind about whether or not you should go out on a date with a certain someone. Stop driving yourself crazy … it’s only a date!


Make your mind free and be happy, as there are likely chances for you to get frustrated. It is important to remain solid and confident to see good results. Be careful in a relationship with your colleagues. There are instances for you to commit mistakes while doing your work. It is vital for you to plan your work and fix a schedule for the same.


There may be possibilities for a headache and this may be due to hypertension.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


A dream love might waltz into your life this week casting an incredibly romantic spell on your heart. Jupiter, now in your sign, will make a gorgeous link to Neptune, now in your true love sector, on Saturday. This link has all the potential of fairytale enchantment, so prepare to be dazzled. If you’re single, this will be a great time to go out socially and participate in events that have to do with art, music, spirituality, or anything glamorous. These are all places for you to meet this potential sweetheart. If you’re in a relationship, you can look forward to feeling blissfully in love with your partner. Yes, even more so than usual.


You will have a positive outlook throughout the week. You will be active and energetic in your actions. There are chances for you to develop due to your self-efforts. You will have favorable chances of luck for the week. You will progress in your work by adopting an organized schedule.


Health will be smooth and fine enough for the week.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


There is a great deal of romantic potential, but it’s all under the umbrella of “mostly cloudy with a chance of muddle.” First, the good news: On Friday Venus will move into your sign, and remains here through December 25. This is typically an auspicious time where you not only look and feel more beautiful, but you give off this magnetic vibe that allows you to effortlessly attract others your way. The not-so-good news has to do with Sunday’s events. First, a Full Moon in your partnership sector has you feeling extremely dazed about your relationship. You might have a “duh” moment when there is something revealed that you were trying very hard not to see. Your reaction will be equally confusing since Mercury will also turn retrograde in your sign the same day. Ouch!


It will be a quiet sailing week. You will be able to carry out your tasks with ease. You can take steps to initiate significant decisions. You will gain more confidence and happiness. You will be able to perform your work as per schedule. To your surprise, you will find that your work will gain recognition and this will make you happy.


You will enjoy total fitness for the week. You will have more strength and determination.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


There’s something about your love life that’s going to become more private … and possibly more elusive. If you are wondering whether or not your secret crush shares the same feelings for you, this is a time where you might receive a few frustrating mixed signals. One day this person will send you all the vibes that he or she is interested, and then the next, act as if you’re invisible. This situation may not only frustrate you but also take a toll on your already fragile ego. Recognize that if someone is not demonstrating clear interest — and respect — then it’s time to move on. You deserve so much better.


Maintain an easy and flexible approach to have a smooth week. You may need to get prepared to face more challenges with respect to your work. There will be work pressure, but you may be able to accomplish your work on time. There will be obstructions, and you may face concerns with your colleagues. Increase in money may not be possible for the week.


Avoid taking cold items. Infections related to the throat can be possible for the week.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


This is your week to branch out and try something new if you’re single. There are so many ways to meet people and yet, many of us feel as if we’re alone on this massive planet. How is it possible that you can be surrounded by people, yet never get an actual date? If this is how you’re feeling, it’s time to shake things up. Consider a brand- new dating website or app. Even better, why not get a group of your friends together for a fun night of speed dating? Another possible solution is to hire a personal matchmaker. Although it might cost more, there are many benefits. Look into it!


The week will be an average one. This may be with respect to growth and prosperity that you are expecting for the week. It is vital for you to take things in an easy manner. There will be more work pressure for the week. You need to plan and carry out your work in a proper way. You will not be able to finish your tasks on time.


You may have eye-related difficulties and pain in ears.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


If your partner begins to offer you well-meaning professional advice, you might want to encourage him or her to keep your relationship personal instead. There’s a good chance that you will fundamentally disagree with whatever guidance he or she is doling out. If this is unsolicited advice, you might even begin to feel a surge of resentment. All of this might come out in the wrong way during a conversation, leading to an unnecessary argument. Keep your romantic life as far away from your career life as you can. You’ll be glad you did.


There will be all possible chances that things will end in your favor for the week. This is said to be an optimistic week. You will develop more courage and determination, and this will guide you. There will be overall development for the week, and this will give you confidence. You will be recognized for your work and your skills will be appreciated.


You will enjoy good levels of energy and this will keep you in good health.