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Weekly Horoscope 26.06 – 02.07

Aries (21.03-20.04)


A domestic squabble might threaten the passion in your relationship this week. You and your partner might find yourselves in the middle of an uncomfortable argument with another relative, or even with each other about a family situation. Unkind words might fly faster than the speed of light, and before you know it, you may each find yourselves feeling raw and defensive. Do what you can to cool off individually and then find yourselves back to each other’s arms. The only way out is through.


The week is said to be a good one. Through your hard work, you will be able to achieve the targets. However, avoid taking impulsive decisions. Involved in many discussions, joint activities and other similar undertakings, your enthusiasm to put your particular point of view above the opinion of others are seen as rather overbearing and egotistical.


Anxiety and insecure feelings may spoil your health. Be cool and calm, and this will enable you to maintain good health.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Your social circle might be instrumental to your happiness early in the week. A conversation with one (or a group) of your friends about your ambitions, goals, and desires will help you flesh out what it is you truly want in life and in love. If you’re in a relationship, you may realize that there is a gaping hole between what truly inspires you in a partnership and what you actually have with your current mate. Address it accordingly.


The week will be spent on thinking progressive thoughts. You can take initiatives in that direction and work to achieve targets set for the week. You need to keep yourself involved in activities that will help in self-development. There will be moderate results in a job. Don’t expect much prosperity through work for the week. Work front will yield moderate results.


You may not find more energy and self-determination to maintain fine health. You may be prone to a headache due to insecure feelings that you harbor.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Pursuing your professional dreams might leave you feeling inspired and fulfilled this week, but it may also leave your partner feeling threatened. There’s a chance that your mate will attempt to control the finances in your relationship, especially if you are now more likely to be the breadwinner or are temporarily doing better than he or she is. Realize that this comes from a place of insecurity rather than contempt for you. Still, you’ll have to address it immediately.


The week will give you moderate results. This week can be devoted to progress and development concerning your life and week-to week activities. The pressure in job front will be present. You need to plan well to carry out your work smoothly. You will be comfortable on your work. Finances will remain good.


There may be chances for some irritations in eyes that may cause worries for you. Health will not be a concern.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


This will be a feisty week in your love life, but not in the way you’d hope. You might feel angry and extremely unsettled about a situation in your relationship, and talking with your partner about it might quickly turn into a reactive, hypersensitive conversation. If this happens, your sweetheart may reveal his or her uglier side and try to strong-arm the situation. Controlling or manipulative tactics will only lead to more trouble. A time-out from each other may be needed by Sunday.


You will see many changes taking place to week. Travel will be possible, it will be a favorable week for initiating efforts. You may need to undertake important short travel that is related to work. You will be able to shine well in career front.


Health will be good and fine for the week. The essential determination and energy will be available for you to keep yourself in good health.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


You might promise so much to your lover this week that it ends up becoming a major problem. Not only are you unable to deliver many of these assurances, but you may also create a barrier in your relationship. Your partner might start to see you as all talk but no action, and if so, the words that come out of your mouth might not have as much impact. This could be a problem. Manage your partner’s expectations by being more realistic about yourself and what you can offer in the relationship.


It will be good to devote yourself to spiritual practices that will make you progress. There may be job pressure for the week. Chances for picking up quarrels with your colleagues may be possible. Don’t compete so much, there is no need to interpret everything others do and say as a challenge.


You need to check your eyes and teeth. Expenses for health may be possible for the week.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Matters of the heart will certainly not be boring this week. If you are in a committed partnership, then you’ll at least have Monday to enjoy together. In fact, this might be a mutually inspiring day where you both feel fully supported by each other. The tide will quickly turn, however, and by the end of the week, trouble is possible. Whether you are in a relationship or dating someone new, it’s likely that a power struggle will emerge. Handle with care.


Success will come to you after putting hard efforts. You need to have a strong mind and a determined attitude. It is said to be a favorable week. Listen to your superiors. Be patience while carrying out your work. Thinking you’re able to progress further by using determination and force, you jeopardize previous success and upset your composure.


Avoid getting emotional as such emotional tendencies may affect your health. Health will be good for the week, you will be physically fit.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Mars, the ruler of your partnership sector, is all over the place this week. Translation? Your love life will feel the same way. On Monday, you can anticipate extraordinary support from your mate regarding your professional ambitions. In fact, you’ll be on cloud nine. Suddenly, however, the tide will turn on Sunday when Mars opposes Pluto. Your partner seems to be comfortable with your career pursuits as long as it doesn’t interfere with his or her domestic comforts. Once it does, it’s another story altogether. You won’t be pleased.


You have each and every reason to be happy for the week as things will be in favor of you. This week requires a lot of adjustment on your part to carry on the week in a smooth manner. You may feel more pressure at work front. With some adjustments, you will be able to handle tough situations at workplace. Better to think beforehand and not be so rash, don’t make unnecessary enemies of those close to you.


Pain in legs may be possible. This may be due to stress, and you can overcome this by the practice of meditation.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


A deep and meaningful conversation with your lover early in the week might leave you feeling more intellectually and spiritually connected than you have in quite some time. You might be something of a teacher to your sweetheart, and if so, he or she will soak up the wisdom you have to offer about a particular subject matter. You, in turn, will feel inspired to share your thoughts and show you lover how easy it is to put them into action. Wonderful!


This week is said to be a favorable one for you. You will be happy for the week as things will be in favor of you. You will find yourself comfortable in work. There are chances for you to earn considerations which will make you happy. You will be spending money for useful and auspicious purposes.


You will feel more energetic and courageous. Health will be in good condition.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Arguments with your spouse or partner about money are possible. There may be an opportunity for you to make a domestic dream come true early in the week. This joy will quickly turn into frustration, however, as you can’t seem to agree out how to finance it. One of you may want to dip into a retirement account while the other wants to take out a loan. Until you can come to some sort of agreement, nothing is going to happen.


A sensible level of planning is essential. The week will give you both ups and downs. You may need to be more professional in your approach. Work pressure may be possible for the week. Everything you do is likely to have a successful outcome. The exhaustive approach you take is complimented by the quality of reason that is evident to all who know you.


Chances for stomach upsets are possible.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Contention between you and your mate can easily be redirected into passion if you are both willing to see the friction as opportunity. While you won’t be able to entirely ignore the debate you’re having, you can both agree to put a temporary pin in it and just enjoy each other physically. You might even find that releasing all the tension this way together helps you both calm down enough to resolve the argument.


There will be a mix of emotional reactions during the week. Stable energies would prevail through the week. You can gain some useful new contacts that will give you satisfaction. It’s almost guaranteed – you feel repeatedly provoked; don’t take it too seriously even though you notice how easily you get annoyed to refuse to give in to it.


Physical fitness may not be up to the mark. Over excitement and emotional feelings may give health problems.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


You and your sweetheart might feel more passionate about getting your health in order, but can’t seem to agree on a protocol to follow together. One of you might want to go on an extreme diet such as giving up gluten, dairy, and sugar. The other may choose to instead focus on exercise and taking supplements. Realize that these are highly personalized choices and might be unique for each of you. Try to support one another instead of criticizing. This way, you’ll both win.


It is said to be a passive week. You can handle all matters in an easy and flexible manner through your cordial approach. You may need to develop more courage and boldness for the week. You’re full of wonder at the beauty of everyday objects and find pleasure in agreeable interaction with others. Get creative and produce something of beauty yourself.


Be calm and keep yourself patient for the week.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


A heated argument with your lover this week might lead you to seek out the guidance of a friend. Unfortunately, this pal might have an agenda quite different than you’d hope. You may want to hear words of wisdom from your comrade, but instead, you’re likely to hear more about his or her opinion or personal projections related to your current romantic experiences. This will not only prove unhelpful, but might also drive a wedge into the friendship.


It will be a busy week. You will feel happy over your progress. You can take useful decisions for the week. It will be a week with less activity. You need to keep yourself calm and composed to handle the affairs in a better way. You will gain the support of your colleagues. You need to shoulder more responsibilities with respect to your work.


Health will remain moderate. You may suffer due to heat related problems.