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Weekly Horoscope 22.05 – 28.05

Aries (21.03-20.04)


You might not have the easiest week in matters of the heart. You could find that an untenable power struggle between you and your boss reaches an all-time high near Thursday. In your frustration, it’s possible that you’ll misdirect your anger toward your partner, causing unnecessary problems in your relationship. Before you lash out, try taking some time away from everyone and everything in order to regroup. Positive communication resumes on Sunday.


This week it would be progressive in all ways and means. New communication may form, and you will participate in some of the social events. The flow of income will boost and helps you to control the show and together will put an end to some issues which are annoying. You could see support from important authorities and chance of getting increment is likely.


You may face problems like poor blood circulation, an increase of cholesterol and breathing problems.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You might feel more tension than usual in your love life. It’s possible that you’re tired of keeping quiet as it relates to a spiritual or moral difference that is growing between you and your mate. This chasm isn’t likely to heal if you’re not sharing your true frustration. The problem, however, is that this week you may blow your top because you’ve been trying to sweep your feelings under the rug for so long. Remember, there is a more diplomatic way to open up a conversation.


The fruitful week ahead; your capabilities will get the honor. In career, you may see some extraordinary changes. Put your efforts sincerely, this gives acceptable position. Character Artists, Surgeons, Professors, Hierarchy Management officials will do well. You may receive sudden financial assistance from the people in authority and position.


The health issues related to the face and neck region may haunt you. Joint pains or motion problems may give worry.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


A New Moon in your sign on Thursday might bring a fresh start for you personally and in your love life. If you have been waiting for the ideal time to pursue a new goal, be sure to act within the next couple of weeks after this lunation. This will also be the time to open up a dialogue with your mate about topics you haven’t discussed before. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the open, stimulating exchange.


This week is going to be an average. Your fluctuating thoughts may change good things to bad. Keep patience, don’t give any personal commitments, skills will improve this week. Hectic schedules in your profession or personal life will increase physical and mental stress. You may miss a chance in getting of the new profession. You will be busy with business meetings/contracts, but some of the decisions may backfire.


Watch out for fevers, stomach troubles, and eye troubles.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


You might be quite aggravated with your spouse or partner this week. Most likely this is due to your feeling a lack of support. You might even feel sabotaged by your mate as you attempt to achieve your most ambitious career goals. He or she might feel threatened over the likelihood of your impending success and think that once you’ve arrived, you’ll decide you’ve outgrown your current relationship. If this has been brewing, be sure to talk to your partner about it before things get out of hand.


It is both in financial and professional presence you will meet with success, but there will be a few moments you might face reversals too. Relations with a spouse may spoil, misunderstandings may create unnecessary gaps. There will be pressure building up in the office. You will have the frustration of doing all the hard work and then your hard work going unrecognized.


You need to practice Yoga and breathing exercises regularly to improve your concentration levels.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


If your social life has been lackluster lately, you’ll be glad to know that this week change is in the air. On Thursday a New Moon will fall in your friendship sector, opening up multiple avenues for you to meet new and intellectually stimulating people. If you’re singlem this will be a perfect time to create a profile on an internet dating website or app you’ve been thinking about trying. More than one person is likely to quickly show an interest in you!


This week go fruitfully. You will have good money inflows. Professionally things will take a new form, and everything will be turning out in your favor. You could see a raised income and also there will be sufficient flow of money around you, and you will solve your financial issues. It is a suitable time to put your sincere efforts and show your capabilities in a career. New possibilities may give immense pleasure and happiness.


Your health will be great.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


You’ll want to avoid sticky situations with your lover this week. On Thursday it’s possible that you’ll feel a power struggle that has to do with the subject of children or your sex life. One of you may want to have a child while the other doesn’t. This may prove to be quite an untenable situation, but there simply won’t be a solution to it this week. Another possibility is that one of you is not feeling gratified in the bedroom. Conversations will help, but you’ll need to wait until Sunday.


It is a tough week ahead for all those who are born under this sign. Professionally and financially it is going to be a difficult time. Financially situation will be getting worse, put a close monitor on expenses. For financial assistance, dont depend on others or their commitments. Those who want to enter into any partnership deal or business venture this is not the ideal time for that. Your superiors will not be happy with your work at all; they will always try to find mistakes committed by you.


You may have health issues like back pains.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


On Thursday Venus will square off with Pluto. Having Venus in your partnership sector is usually an indication that your relationship is blessed with extra harmony, but this week it’s likely that you and your partner will have to address a difficult family situation. What’s making the problem worse is that you each have an approach that the other feels is controlling, overpowering, or even manipulative. If you can agree to disagree for this week, then next week you’ll be in a more supportive place to work through this rough patch.


There will be mental unrest due to the pressures of your relatives, colleagues, and superiors. Try to put control on your thoughts and behavior. You may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, and problems due to the ailment and enemy’s losses due to theft or fire.


There will be some unexpected health issues which may cause much uneasiness and struggles to you.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


New investment opportunity might show up for you and your partner after Thursday. Another possibility is that your mate will hear amazing news about his or her salary, which you’re sure to celebrate. You may also discover that one or both of you is due to receive a generous royalty, bonus, or commission check. Conversations about romance should be extra sweet on Sunday. You might also collaborate on an artistic pursuit that has you both inspired.


This week there will be many uneasy things happening around you, and you would never be in a position to describe the same. Professionally things will be getting incomplete. Even financially things also will be out of control, and you are not having any clue how to manage it.


Eat more seasonal fruits for better health.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


If you’re hoping to breathe new life into your relationship, you’re in luck. This Thursday a gorgeous New Moon will fall in your partnership sector. You and your mate are likely to discover something interesting about each other, and it’ll thrill you to no end to have this unchartered territory to explore. If you’re single or newly dating someone, however, it might not be an easy week for romance. You may feel that someone is coming on way too strong for your taste. It’ll only make you want to run for the hills.


This is a test week. Hectic schedule in the profession may give more responsibilities. You will meet new friends in this week. You may get short temper or impulse on additional issues. Appreciations with superiors are seen, but you should not get overconfidence on your work. Professional growth is seen, keep patience for better results.


Your health will be moderate.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


You and your love might be sharing endearing sentiments this week. Mercury is now moving strong through your romance sector. This placement supports the exchange of ideas and improves communication flow between you and your lover until June 6. On Sunday, however, Mercury will be at a gorgeous angle to Neptune, now in your message sector. You might enjoy a spiritual conversation that brings you closer, or just spend extra time whispering sweet nothings into your lover’s ear. It’ll be time well spent.


Don’t get any discouragement if your efforts are not succeeded, be patience, as time will turn for good to you in coming days. If you can take the right decision at the right time, you will be profited at a large scale. Additional responsibilities in the profession will increase. A feeling of mental instability might creep in due to humiliation and loss of status at the workplace.


This week you need to sleep more.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


If you’re single and hoping to meet your true love and intellectual equal, this might be the week you’ve been waiting for. On Thursday a gorgeous New Moon in Gemini will fall in your romance sector. As a result, over the two weeks following this lunation you’re likely to experience multiple dating opportunities from cerebral and sparkling candidates. As a matter of fact, you might find yourself fascinated with two people at once. Go ahead — explore your options. You’ve got plenty.


Professionally there is a tough time while financially things will be under control. You should be careful on some painful decisions, as these decisions might prove fatal in your career later. Financial losses and unnecessary tensions may create problems in career, better to excuse hypertensions during this period.


Your health will be better this week.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


One of your friends might insist that you’re wasting your time dating someone who is only going to hurt you. If your friend is showing this kind of reaction to your current romantic interest, you might initially become agitated and defensive. Before you give into these feelings however, ask yourself what your friend’s motive might be. If this pal has been tried and true to you for a long time then it is worth listening to what he or she has to say. Even if it hurts.


It is an average week, even putting proper efforts you may not be satisfied with results. Loss of confidence may give physical and mental stress, but your broadminded nature gives some solutions. You need to put the monitor on expenses.


Your health will be good.