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Weekly Horoscope 22.02 – 28.02

Aries (21.03-20.04)


Your uncompromising attitude towards life enthuses the people you come into contact with and especially those you care about most, who appreciate the dedication you show. Openness in both your personal and professional life helps you deal with difficult situations and as a consequence, you receive support from an unexpected source.


This week instead focusing on important things and prioritizing the completion of certain tasks that require the minimum of effort. Use your positive state of mind to address matters that have long been of concern and make some worthwhile progress.


Everything will be fine.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


This week you might become more aware of who your true friends are since you receive help unexpectedly from them. Be generous in the way you reward them and with your thanks. Surprise them or present a gift to them in an original way.


You’re working especially well with others, which is not only advantageous to you but also benefits them as well. Instead of always attempting to get your own way, and endeavoring to persuade others to help you, you instead find you have enough energy yourself to work a bit harder and accomplish what you need.


You might experience back pain.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


It’s important to practice self-control both with your partner and in your professional life. Spend some quiet time alone and think carefully about the things you need to accomplish, instead of being driven to make rash decisions and mistakes. In particular, they are attracted to your responsive approach in dealing with sensitive matters.


Your energetic ways are admired and inspirational to others who appreciate your forthright attitude. Don’t see everything as a competition instead keep energy in reserve for when there are more difficult hurdles to overcome.


This week try some sports activity, this helps stay you in a more balanced mood.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Avoid letting the way you feel needlessly affect the people around you and thereby cause even more tension and stress to develop.


It will be good for you to be more courageous and determined to be successful. The financial front may not be so easy for the week. It will be good for you to be more aware and cautious, this is essential for the week. Be very attentive to the tasks as you are prone to make errors.


This week any excessive energy utilize in pursuit of healthy exercise, to help release tension or stress, avoid contact sports, jogging or Nordic, walking is best.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


This week limit your contacts to your closest friends since they know best how to deal with your moods. Satisfaction in the relationship will be missing for the week. You may need to adjust a lot for retaining happiness. The week may not be healthy for a relationship.


Relationship with your colleagues may not be up to the mark. Have patience. Money progress will not be up to the mark. .Enhance your knowledge about your work and implement it effectively. Money loss will be possible for the week. Handle finances with caution.


You may have pain in legs or chances of catching a cold.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


This week may be mixed results. Despite your plans, you’re unlikely to be able to make a great deal of progress and if things don’t go your way, resist the temptation to blame others. The relationship may not be very encouraging as there are chances for disputes. You may need to adjust with respect to the same and this will prove to be good.


Unrealistic expectations leave you feeling disappointed, don’t give up, take advantage of opportunities on offer. Instead of force, tackle things modestly. You will be able to see good results in work after facing some hurdles. More efforts are required on your part. Financial gains will be there along with expenses. Prioritize your needs and spend accordingly.


You may have a headache. Meditation will give you relaxation. Pay more attention to health.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


This week it’s important to remain objective and understanding in your relationships as well as focused and thoughtful at work and when you’re exercising. Proceed with caution as you easily get side-tracked by intricate details that appear to be interesting and distract you. There could be less harmony in the relationship. You may have arguments with your elders.


Approach things in a level-headed and sensible way and avoid taking too long to reach a successful outcome by concentrating on important tasks. Career may involve travel and may make you busy for the week. Relationship with your subordinates at work may not be so easy. Monetary progress will not be very encouraging.


Your health will be in good shape.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


This week responsibilities will be more for you. Involving yourself in spiritual practices will be good. Your confidence and determination will lead you through hurdles. Communication requires attention especially when you are talking to your loved ones. The week may not be a good one for happiness in a relationship. Think twice before initiating a communication.


You will be able to fetch gains through work. Job front may not provide you with prosperous results. You may need to be careful in handling your work as there are chances for errors. Monetary benefits will be good for the week.


Heat-related troubles and skin problems may affect your health. Keep a check on your diet. Lack of sleep may cause body ache. You may also face some skin itching.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


People you’re acquainted with and those others you’re much closer to, find your ideas and suggestions stimulating and you can expect to find they’re willing to share in your new found zest for life and optimism for the future. Using your irrepressible drive, it’s easy to get your way without much consideration for the welfare of people who are reliant on you.


Your energy and enthusiasm manifest as bouts of arrogance and aggression and you need to be far more cooperative, avoid any needless confrontations or disputes and be of extra help towards those people in need of support. Avoid too much of thinking. Job front will not be very encouraging. But the favorable divine forces will guard you against hurdles in the workplace. Financial gains will not be as per your expectations.


Try to find an interesting recreational activity to relieve stress.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


This week buoyed up with how well you are received venture out, enjoy the warm feelings, share them with friends and if single you are much appreciated and achieve success here too. The encountering mounting resistance you may be forced to reconsider and avoid pointlessly making enemies .Disputes are likely in a relationship. So it is essential for you to resolve differences, and maintain happiness.


You seemingly get irritated for the smallest of reasons, make unrealistic demands and appear less reliable than usual. You are capable of being extremely productive and making a success of whatever you do. However be careful of overreacting if you feel threatened; you tend to respond bad-tempered or even insensitively.


Anxiety and insecure feelings may spoil health. Skin irritations may trouble you.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


This week it’s easy for you to lose control and become embroiled in arguments which can cause problems that dent your pride. Planning is essential for the week for experiencing satisfaction and progress. Stick to a positive attitude and this will guide you. Ego issues should be avoided in a relationship.


This is not an ideal week for taking major decisions. .You will witness hectic schedule in carrying out your work and this may bother you. There are meager chances for success. Job progress will be moderate for the week. You may not be able to complete the weeks’ tasks. The week will not be a smooth one for financial gains.


There are chances for leg pain. This may be due to stress.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


This week mostly because of your open and friendly conduct, people provide you with positive feedback that you’re likely to find extremely helpful. They notice how instinctively you provide them with the support and encouragement they need and naturally return the help received, so an atmosphere of mutual support develops, which is beneficial for everybody.


There may be travel related to your career. You can witness success out of hard efforts. Monetary resources will be limited for the week. You may have to face more expenses and this may bother you.


Health will be average. There are chances for digestion related problems which can give you botheration.