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Weekly Horoscope 21.08 – 27.08

Aries (21.03-20.04)


Without a doubt, this is your time for love. In fact, if you’re single, you now have the most potent lineup of planets working to support new romantic potential — more than you’ve seen in ages! Mars is already in your true love sector, helping you pursue love with incredible courage. This week, a Solar Eclipse lights up the same area of your chart, suggesting that someone new is arriving soon. Also by Saturday, Venus will join Mars in your romance sector, helping to assure you’ll making sweet love very soon.


This week goes well with your hard work and determination. Make yourself happy and be enthusiastic in whatever you do. You will have a good command of your work, and this will help you finish your tasks quickly. You will have the capacity to execute the assignments efficiently. Money flow will be good, and you will also be in a position to save money.


There may be chances of digest problems; you may need to be careful in your food habits.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You and your sweetheart might be seriously considering moving in together, and if so, now is the time to move forward with these plans. Another possibility is that you have recently met someone and are considering introducing him or her to members of your family. Their approval means a lot to you, and you’ll want to know that your clan will embrace your new love. Don’t worry because they will.


This is the week for you to succeed and upgrade yourself. There may be some changes in your working pattern. Assigned work may not be so promising as you may discover correspondence issues with your bosses. With a few changes, you will have the capacity to beat the problems. Financial progress will be moderate, and there will be scope for both expenses and gains.


Fitness may get affected for the week, and it will be moderate, there may be chances for back pain and headache.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Talking about love, thinking about love, and making decisions about love appear to be your focus this week. Fortunately, it appears that you’ll be ready to make some positive changes in this area of your life as a result of this focus. You and your sweetheart might enjoy extra sweet conversations about your romantic life. You might also be making a decision together about your future. If you are, it looks bright!


There are chances for some unexpected gains during the week. But you should avoid taking major decisions. You may need to develop an attitude to make yourself and others happy. You may not be satisfied as you will have job pressure, there may be a communicational problem with your superiors. Success in work will come through hard struggles.


You may need to spend money for the health of your mother. This may cause some botheration for you.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


If you’ve felt as if partnership matters have been stalled in any way, you’re in for some good news. This Friday, Saturn, the natural ruler of your relationship sector, will turn direct after having been retrograde for several months. Pursuing your romantic goals and having the ability to achieve them is now more favored. However, be flexible. Earlier in the week, on Thursday, Venus in your sign will square off with Uranus. An unexpected event in your love life might need attention.


This week you need to put little more efforts. Be relaxed and avoid taking impulsive decisions. Job front looks to be satisfactory. You will be able to carry the work very efficiently. You may need to be more careful in handling your work and also maintain some patience which will take you closer to success. There are chances for conflicts with your colleagues on minor issues which may become major.


Going out for a jog in the evening, riding your bike or long walks in the country help you to unwind and loosen up after a period of extreme thoughts.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


This is your week to shine! Mars is already in your sign, giving you more willpower and determination to pursue your goals — including relationship goals — with incredible conviction. You won’t stop until you get what you want, and these days, that will be the key to your success. Adding to this power, however, is a gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on Monday. Plus, Venus enters Leo on Saturday as well. This lineup is certain to make you the most blessed sign in life — and love.


This is a progressive week for you. It’s important for you to let others know your plans and make it clear you’re willing to show the necessary degree of compromise that ensures everyone is satisfied. People you’re acquainted with and those others you’re much closer to, find your ideas and suggestions stimulating, and you can expect to find they’re willing to share in your new-found zest for life and optimism for the future.


Relax more and go for long walks.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Everything about your love life screams privacy these days. You are pushing for a more sublime romantic experience with your sweetheart, and in order to achieve this, you realize it’s time to shut yourselves out from life’s typical chaos. This will be an ideal week to schedule a couple’s retreat at a secluded location offering amenities that will nourish your soul while allowing the two of you to reconnect. It’ll be worth every penny.


The week is said to be an active one. With some adjustments, you will be able to overcome the hurdles. Spending time with your friends will give you immense happiness. Fulfilling your commitments will make you feel happy and satisfied. You may face some stress in carrying out your work but you will achieve by hard work, you may have to travel about your career.


You may have headache, and this may be due to insecure feelings and tiredness, doing prayers will be good for you.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


The most gratifying romantic potential for you these days is in your social life. Spending time with friends will help you meet new and exciting people but will also ensure that you’ll be having more fun. You might not even be looking for love right now since it’s clear you’re quite content with your life the way it’s currently moving. That is usually when cupids arrow strikes — when you least anticipate it. This week, romantic potential might arrive from a friend, with a friend, or online. Be open.


It is a week for fulfilling commitments and carrying work efficiently, try to remain confident and work on meeting your responsibilities using hard work. The week will be a favorable one and you can utilize it for self-development. You can make some useful decisions for your welfare. You will be able to execute the work on time; you will be able to find the workflow easy and smooth.


You will be able to maintain the same by relaxation and meditation. You will enjoy good health.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


Your love life might be interrupted this week due to the significant work obligations — and opportunities — you’ll be handling. On Thursday, you might even get wind that someone you work with has a crush on you. If this is the case, you’re more likely to shut it down rather than pursue any potential budding romance. Either you’re not interested in the person, or it’s just not worth any potential trouble for you professionally. You’ve got your priorities.


It will not be a very fruitful week you may need to have some patience, and this is very essential for the week. Get on with the task and don’t expect results very soon. You will look for some kind of work pressure for the week thus you may need to plan better in completing your work. With planning, you will accomplish your objectives effortlessly. Job pressure may be possible.


You may have pain in thighs and legs or cold-related problems; it will be good for you to resort to meditation practices.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Romance becomes much more spiritual and adventurous for you this week. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel determined to expand your mental and physical horizons with your partner. You may achieve this in several ways. For starters, you might both sign up for a class or workshop on a topic you wanted to learn more about. Another possibility is that international travel is on your agenda. Planning a trip abroad with your lover will be quite a romantic experience.


This week is said to be a balancing one, you will be happy if you develop some good understanding with the people around and spread the message of love and peace. You can make use of maintaining better understanding and establishing a relationship. You may have to sacrifice some comforts related to work; atmosphere will not be very cordial. Business people will find the week a prosperous one as returns will be good.


Health will be good except for chances of cold related problems that may bother you a bit.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Venus will be in your partnership sector until Saturday, but her final days in this area of your chart might be anything but peaceful. On Thursday, she’ll square off with Uranus, now in your home and family sector. Someone in your family might do something that rattles the harmony between you and your mate. Or it might be a situation that frazzles your partner, leaving little room left for romance. Fortunately, this will be a fast-passing situation and you’ll be able to move on quickly.


Make yourself engage in recreation and amusement activities and this is very essential for the week. You may need to travel frequently, some stresses may trouble you. You may not find much advance in work, there might be less focus in work thus you may be patient and stay cautious at work front. You may witness hurdles in the work that you do.


You may need to take better care of your health; there may be cold related problems and digestion problems.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


A major Solar Eclipse will fall in your relationship sector on Monday, changing the direction of your partnership in a vital — and happy — way. If you’re already in a relationship, you can look forward to bright new horizons with your sweetheart. This might even involve a decision to have a child, or to consciously focus on adding extra romance to your relationship. If you’re dating someone, it’s very possible you’ll become engaged or married in the next few weeks. Venus adds to this potential after Saturday.


You can find the week in your favor, and make use of the week for gaining more knowledge and developing your skills, browse through some useful portals where you can gather some information which will be useful for you. You will have the capacity to feel more lively and decided, and this may keep you in high spirits. You will show your ability to work and pick up recognition; this acknowledgment will support your spirits. and influence you to feel more self-confident.


You will be able to maintain good health. There will be all around bliss and excitement which help you to keep up great health.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


Venus will remain in your romance sector until Saturday, but her final days in this area of your chart may be fraught with instability. On Thursday, she’ll square off to Uranus. As a result, you might realize that someone you’ve had a crush on isn’t really valuing you, but only trying to use you. This could be for money, sex, or another reason. The important thing to remember is that if this happens, you’ll discover it sooner rather than later. Be grateful for that.


This week goes normally; you need to work towards your development. Making new contacts and participating in gatherings will be good for you. Take advantage of the week for maintaining good relations and winning more friends. Involved in social gatherings will also give you happiness and satisfaction. You will be able to shine in work.


Health will be good and smooth, there would be some minor obstructions, and you may suffer from sunstroke.