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Weekly Horoscope 20.11 – 26.11

Aries (21.03-20.04)


Swimming in romantic Fantasyland might trip you up. There are certain ideals we all have when it comes to love and relationship. How we wish our partner could be, however, often falls short of our unrealistic expectations. This week, you might have a major lesson connected to this theme. If you are trying too hard to fit your partner into a version of your perfect reverie, then you might be sabotaging all of the incredible goodness you actually have right in front of you. See your relationship for what it is. And be grateful for it.


You will benefit a lot if you involve in activities of self-development. By adopting this, you will be able to see success. Desired freedom will be possible in your work. There are chances for you to gain promotion for the hard work that you are putting. Full financial freedom will be available for the week.


Good health will be seen. You will be able to keep yourself fit and sound.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Your partner has the power to shift your world view in many ways. He or she is likely helping you to see life in an entirely new light and because of this, you find yourself falling more deeply in love than ever before. This week, the two of you might feel even more spiritually connected than usual. If you have different religious backgrounds, you’ll honor one another’s faith without it encroaching on your core personal beliefs. Most likely, however, the two of you appear to be in perfect alignment about all of the big life subjects that truly matter.


The week may be ideal for progress and development. You need to be more practical in your approach. You should maintain a patient approach while carrying out your work. There are chances for work pressure that is possible for the week. In the profession, your decisions in sensitive modes play a vital role, which clears the obstacles to their plans and progress.


Health problems may be present in stiffness and pain in legs. It will be good for you to be cool and calm to keep yourself fit.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Communication with your spouse or partner is everything you’ve always wanted it to be lately … and this week that trend will continue. You and your love might focus on ways to move forward with a shared aspiration. The two of you will not only provide endless support to each other, but you’ll find innovative ways of approaching your goals by discussing them together. On your own you might not have as much luck with these ingenious ideas, but since your mate is your sounding board, he or she will encourage your out-of-the-box thinking. It’ll serve both of you well.


It will be a week packed with activity and lot of opportunities. You will be able to fulfill your desires. You will be able to apply your options fairly. There are chances for you to complete your work in an excellent manner. Some issues may put you under stress, but simultaneously you will find a solution to come out.


You will maintain complete fitness. The week will not pose any health problems for you.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


If you’ve recently started to date someone, you might feel as if there is something very different about this budding romance. There’s an intensity that you find you share with this person early on — and it might be quite unexpected. Usually people take their time getting to know one another and slowly reveal themselves as they begin to feel more and more comfortable. With this person, however, you find yourself going to the most intimate places quickly … and easily. It’s not only refreshing, it’s real. It might even be love.


You will find the week to lift your spirits. You will be able to achieve success through lighter efforts. You will be able to see success in the job. Change or travel related to the job will be present. Monetary progress will be fine for the week. You will be able to maintain a better level of savings.


 You will maintain fine health. There will be a good amount of energy in you.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


You might begin talking to someone who inspires you to reach for more than you ever imagined possible in life. Before you know it, this person will become a major crush and the two of you might soon be happily dating. The attraction in this case really does begin in the mind. You and your potential new love will likely spend hours on the phone or on that first coffee date that quickly turns into a dinner date. When you find someone with whom you can say anything to and who values your intellect, you have found someone special. Explore!


You can take advantage of the week for some leisure purposes and relax. It will be good for you to postpone any major decisions to some other week. There will be work stress for the week. You may face more tasks, and this may make you tired. Money flow may not be supporting for the week. You may receive benefits from some of the few favorites who jog on the corridors of power.


You will have tense feelings, and this may get reflected in the form of hypertension. There may be chances for a headache.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Is there something about your relationship that you haven’t wanted to face? A situation with your partner that you’ve been sweeping under the rug hoping that, if you ignore the mess, it’ll somehow magically disappear? If this is happening in your love life then this week you might feel even more disoriented and confused than usual about how to proceed. Any disappointment you refuse to face will eventually lead to resentment on your part. Is this really how you want your love life to go down?


You need to be more robust and determined for the week. Sharpen your focus which is a pre-requisite for the week. You need to have courage and boldness. You may witness some pleasant moments with your superiors and subordinates at work. This may be due to work progress. Your efforts may be recognized and give new way for improvement in position.


You may succumb to unwanted worries. This may give you tension and headache.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Are you and your partner trying to make a major life decision together? If so, now you’ll find it easier than ever to come to an agreement. What will help you reach any compromise is the fact that you’ll be able to consider alternative ideas without automatically shutting them down. Being open to new concepts will not only broaden your horizons, but will also help you make any of your current plans as successful as possible. If you and your partner need to sign any vital contract together, aim for this week. Are you single? A juicy conversation with someone through social media might quickly turn into a passionate first date.


The week will be filled with a lot of activity. You will possess a passion for excelling on all fronts for the week. Progress in work will be smooth and good. You will find the atmosphere on your job front to be smooth, and that will keep you in satisfaction. Progress in money front is said to be fine. You will maintain stability also.


You will enjoy sound health. Owing to your contented state of mind, you will be able to maintain a good level of fitness.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


If you and your partner have a major situation to talk through, this will be the perfect week to speak up. Even the most uncomfortable conversation will feel easier to navigate together, because there won’t be any judgement or need to control one’s feelings or manipulate the outcome. If one of you is wrong, you’ll take full responsibility for it and this alone will foster great healing and strengthening to your relationship. If you’re single, this might be a week you’re feeling more confused than ever about matters of the heart. That’s OK … you don’t have to figure it all out at once. Marinating in confusion is sometimes the only way to achieve clarity.


Due to initial hard efforts and patient attitude, you will achieve success for the week. If you plan well enough in advance with determination, you will shine in your endeavors. Hard work will give you success. You can improve your performance by putting in more efforts. Humiliations and misunderstanding will clear with subordinates and higher-ups.


You may suffer from health problems like cold and cough. Skin itches may also be there.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


A love connection is very possible this week all thanks to random, friendly conversations with people you meet as you move through your day. This could be someone you introduce yourself to while waiting in line at Starbucks or the train station. You might also feel inspired to reach out to someone with a stimulating profile on the latest dating app or website. What will draw you in most will be this person’s eclectic nature. It’s clear that this sexy someone prefers to live not only on the edge, but on his or her own terms. You’ll be hooked!


It will not be a balanced week. There will be obstacles that you may face for the week. It will be wise for you to plan and planning will surely help you to reach success. In appraisals, you may have to answer more questions raised by your reporting authority. Try to manipulate cordially, and be more specific in actions done on assignments given.


Health will be moderate. There may be chances for skin related problems.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


One of your friends might be instrumental in helping to positively transform your love life. He or she might serve as a mediator between you and your sweetheart, helping the two of you navigate any tricky situation that you can’t seem to get past on your own. This pal will be so helpful that you’ll both remark that he or she should be a couple’s counselor! Alternatively, if you’re single, this might be a good time to seriously consider making that romantic move on that crush of yours currently in the friend zone. You both know you want much, much more.


There will be some burdens that you have to shoulder while discharging your activities. You may feel little uneasy for the week. To see things in your way, it will be good for you to be more positive. Work pressure will be present for the week. You have to shoulder more responsibilities in the job.


Health will be average. You may suffer from throat related problems.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Putting yourself out there socially is the best thing you can do this week for your romantic prospects. If you’ve been considering joining a new meet-up group or other organization that will support you exploring an unusual interest, now is the time to go for it. You’ll meet plenty of fascinating and intellectually stimulating people … and at least one of them might turn into a love connection. Another possibility is that one of your friends will invite you out to try speed dating. Go for it! You’ll love the fast-paced, high-energy way of getting to know people. Fun!


The week will be favorable to prove your abilities. There will be a high level of optimism in you and this will enable you to shine well for the week. Job front is said to be favorable to you. You will gain more opportunities concerning your work and this will make you prove your talent.


Health is said to be better and progressive.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


While you tend to live with your rose-colored glasses on, this week it might become more of a barrier than usual in matters of the heart. You might find yourself hopelessly attracted to someone who you feel needs saving. This person might even have a serious addiction or other unhealthy vice that you’re convinced is fixable — as long as you’re in a relationship together. Don’t fool yourself into this belief. It’s not your job to fix anyone, and if that is the only way you are able to feel loved, it’s time to work on yourself.


You need to put in more efforts to perform your tasks efficiently. The week is said to be a tough one. Involve yourself in prayers and spiritual activities. You may face tough options for the week related to your job. Handle situations efficiently to face any adverse situations. You will attract the attention of superiors and colleagues.


Physical fitness will not be very encouraging. You may be prone to allergies like flu.