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Weekly Horoscope 12.06 – 18.06

Aries (21.03-20.04)


Communication might be a disaster for you this week thanks to Saturn holding back your ability to speak without second guessing yourself at every turn. If your partner isn’t in agreement over a moral, philosophical, or spiritual matter, this may not be the best time to get into an argument or try to win his or her opinion over. Instead of having a respectful conversation, you may wind up feeling your partner’s condescending remarks weighing you down. Avoid it at all costs.


Work front will pose challenging and tough situations which have to be handled carefully. Your colleagues too should be dealt with tact and understanding. Relationship with your subordinates may not be healthy at work. The monetary situation will be encouraging due to the lack of stability. Chances that you may face wastage of money are possible. Fluctuations in money will be present. Unwanted expenses may rule for the week.


There are possible chances for a headache and hypertension. Involve yourself in meditation. You may be prone to pain in shoulders and stress in legs.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You and your partner might feel a crunch. It appears that you’re doing just fine income-wise, but your love might be having a bit of difficulty with his or her personal finances. Because this might leave him or her feeling insecure, it’s possible that your partner will try to overcompensate by criticizing your spending habits or some other financial choice. Try not to engage in an argument over this. Instead, address the insecurity directly.


The stage for expansion is not possible with respect to work. You may face some concentration lapses in carrying out your tasks. Favorable trends will promise success in your job, your superiors will appreciate your level of intelligence. Financial progress may not be very encouraging. Expenditure towards auspicious occasions is likely.


Health will be in a fine condition. Stay fit by doing some good exercises. Sheer happiness and satisfaction will promote good health.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


This might be one of those weeks where you feel as if your partner doesn’t understand you at all. If this extreme situation does occur, try not to take it too literally. Your partner appears to be mired down with responsibilities or stress, and as a result, may not have the wherewithal to actually relate to you at the moment. It might be your turn to cut your partner a little slack. Ask what you can do to help.


You will be able to fulfill your desires after facing some hurdles. Execution of work will be made simple after facing some initial obstacles. You will also feel satisfied by remaining committed to the same. Tasks at work front will keep fully occupied for the week, you need to think and act wisely. Gaining money through speculative practices will be possible, and you can also gain through unexpected means.


There will be smoothness and much comforts in your health. A positive attitude will enable you to maintain good health. Health will be generally good provided you take things lightly and avoid too much thinking.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


You might be going through a health situation, and while you’re feeling under the weather, you could realize that your partner isn’t providing you with the level of support you need. While you may not need your mate to dote on you, it would be nice if he or she could take care of the kids or errands while you are recuperating. It’s possible that all you need to do is ask. After all, your partner might be distracted because he or she is worried about you.


This week may not be suitable for progress and better development. However, you should maintain a pragmatic approach in all your dealings. It is said to be a task oriented week; commitment is more vital, and you need to stick to it. You will be longing to experience a good level of happiness. There will be work pressure in job front that will cause stress. Adopt an attitude of patience in carrying out your work. It is important to focus your attention and be duty conscious in your work to attain growth and progress.


Health problems like stiffness and pain in legs may trouble you. It will be good for you to remain cool and calm to keep yourself fit.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Your love life might not feel as lighthearted as usual. For some reason, this week you may feel blocked from giving love in the way you’re used to. You are someone who prefers to love others in the most generous, open-hearted way possible. This week, however, your advances to someone might be thwarted, or you may feel less secure giving love or making the first move. Don’t worry, this energy will pass quickly. In the meantime, why not focus on self-love?


You can make the week more happy by remaining calm and composed. Keeping yourself silent will help you a lot through the week. Work schedules will be difficult to handle and time consuming. You need to plan well to handle the tasks efficiently. Delays may be possible for you in executing your tasks. Maintaining some good level of patience will also do wonders for you.


Avoid consuming chilled food items. Health will be average. You may be prone to a headache and this may cause worries to you.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Domestic obligations might leave little time for romance this week. You are certainly carrying more than your fair share of responsibility, and you are typically more than equipped to handle whatever comes your way. This week, however, you might start to feel that this “all work, no play” atmosphere in your life is wearing thin. Keep your nose to the grindstone and know that whatever you’re handling now is temporary. Relief and romance are near.


New openings are possible, progress and development are seen in a career. Delays may be possible for you in executing your tasks. Maintaining some good level of patience will also do wonders for you. Financial progress will be sound and will lead you to prosperity. There will be an increase in the level of savings for you.


Health will be average. You may be prone to a headache and this may cause worries to you.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


You and your sweetheart will enjoy a like-minded mental connection this week. It may be connected to spirituality or a moral situation, but whatever the details, the fact that both of you share a uniquely similar perspective will be quite affirming for the state of your relationship. Even if other people aren’t in agreement with you, it won’t matter. The two of you are, and that’s what counts.


The week will provide you favorable chances in terms of productivity and progress. By means of sincere and dedicated efforts, you will attain success in your tasks assigned. New opportunities will be possible. You will be busy with a lot of travel related to work. It will be good for you to enjoy the work with a cheerful attitude. Money flow will be in plenty.


Health will be average. There are chances for the cold that may cause concern to you.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


You might feel as if you can’t trust someone you have recently started to date. This may be due to a feeling that he or she is withholding information, but it may also be because you have caught your new lover in a lie. If this unfortunate event has occurred, you’ll need to make a decision about whether or not you want to move forward with the relationship. Trust your intuition.


By means of using your intelligence, you can give productive results in all that you undertake. Focusing on improving yourself will yield happiness. The week will energize you to a great level, and you will be able to perform even seemingly difficult tasks in an easy manner. Job front will give favorable results leading you to the path of progression. By sheer hard work you will witness development.


There will not be any health problems for the week. You will be able to maintain health in a fine manner.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Your partner may want to do a lot of talking this week, but in your opinion, it may sound more like banter or chatter rather than meaningful conversation. If you are not pleased with the depth of dialogue between you two, try not to come across as condescending. Instead, recognize that you might currently have two different needs regarding communication. See if you can strike a balance and honor both.


The week will be generally smooth in its course, where you need to perform tasks efficiently to achieve good results. You need to possess more courage to carry on your work. A determination is a key factor for achievement, and that is required for the week. By means of effective planning and patient handling of tasks, you will be able to handle the job pressure that will be more for the week.


Pain in teeth may be possible, and so it will be good for you to avoid taking more sweets. Chances for a headache may also be possible.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Keeping your fears and anxieties to yourself might hurt rather than help your relationship. If you are holding back something because you feel your partner might interpret it as a weakness, think again. The only weakness is not being able to ask for help if you need it. Remember that a partnership has two people in it, and you are not required to carry all of your burdens alone. Let your lover in.


The week will have a moderate level of activity where you need to use your intelligence to produce beneficial results. There is a need for you to keep yourself more relaxed. You need to adopt the same in your thinking. You will be busy with your schedules. You can handle this by means of the prior effective planning of tasks assigned. You may lose some comforts in carrying out your work efficiently.


Anxious feelings may spoil your health. Participating in spiritual pursuits will infuse you with feelings of security. Remaining happy will help you to maintain robust health.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Communication with your lover may be fuzzy this week, especially as it relates to money. You might feel as though your sweetheart is not revealing that he or she has recently made an unwise financial decision. This might be connected to a risk or other type of gamble. Had you been consulted, you feel that you might have prevented any type of loss. You might also be concerned that your partner will look to you for financial help now. You won’t be pleased.


Working by adhering to a set of principles will do wonders for you. This week will give you both expenses and gains. You need to handle this by resorting to more savings. Money progress may not be so smooth for the week. Spending of money more for your family will be under way.


Avoid negative thinking to maintain good health.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


Confusion about a domestic matter might leave little room for romance this week. It appears that someone in your family — possibly even your sweetheart — has been caught in a lie. If this is a relative, you may feel that your partner is not giving you the kind of support you need and you won’t understand why. If it is your mate who is the one caught in a lie, you may begin to question the entire relationship.


You may need to work out according to well laid out plans. This week is meant for expanding your prospects that will help in progress. Work front will be smooth for the week. You will get involved in exciting tasks that will keep you in a good level of satisfaction. Good results will be possible in job front. You will be able to stabilize your position at work front by way of meritorious work.


Health will be in good condition. Happiness will help you to maintain the same. Chances for a toothache will be possible.