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Weekly Horoscope 12.02 – 18.02

Aries (21.03-20.04)


There’s great news if you’re single and ready to mingle: A stunning Solar Eclipse will light up your social 11th house on Tuesday, inviting new energy into your life when it comes to the company you keep. This means romance can literally come at you through multiple avenues. You might join a new group or organization and meet someone you share an immediate connection with at one of the events you attend. Another possibility is that you will consider something like speed dating or signing up for a new dating website or app. Of course, this eclipse suggests bright possibilities for you and friends, so it’s always possible that a friend will turn into a lover. Be open.


This week goes well with your diligent work and assurance. Make yourself glad and be eager in whatever you do. It is a favorable week when you can expect that your desires will get fulfilled. The choices that you take will give results about your support. You can take useful decisions that will promote your welfare; satisfaction will be present for you normally. You feel as if everyone’s picking on you and mistrust those you encounter. If you are unsure of others motivation, ask them exactly what they want.


There may be possibilities of digest problems; you may need to be careful in your food habits.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


This might be an erotically fulfilling week for you or a total washout, depending on your personal circumstances and how much you’re able to go with the flow. Mars, the planet of sex drive, will square off to Neptune on Saturday, creating confusion as to how you assert your sexual energy. This nebulous energy can lead to you sending a mixed signal to someone, inviting an unwanted advance as a result. Another possibility is that you and your lover will try to indulge in each other’s fantasies, only to be sorely disappointed in the reality of it all. If this happens, laugh it off, have a glass of wine, and do what you do best: have sex for its own physical enjoyment!


This is the week for you to succeed and upgrade yourself. There may be some changes in your working pattern. Assigned work may not be so encouraging as you may find communication problems with your superiors. With some adjustments, you will be able to overcome the problems. Financial progress will be moderate and there will be scope for both expenses and gains. Be careful in handling money, as there are chances for loss.


Health may get affected for the week and it will be moderate, there may be chances for back pain and headache.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Your love life might not be filled with romance this week. In fact, you might be in for a bit of a letdown, especially if you’re in a committed partnership. Your partner might instigate tension as you try to pursue one of your career goals that you’re feeling completely inspired about. He or she may feel threatened, or it could be that your partner will simply have absolutely no faith in what you’re trying to accomplish. If so, it’ll seep out as a snide remark that might really hit you where it hurts. This could leave you wondering whether or not you’re truly compatible. After all, if your sweetheart doesn’t believe in you, where is the love?


There are chances for some unexpected gains during the week. But you should avoid taking major decisions. You may need to develop an attitude to make yourself and others happy. You may not be satisfied as you will have job pressure, there may be communicational problem with your superiors. Success in work will come through hard efforts. Delays are likely; do not get disturbed about it. Loss of money may be likely and unwanted expenses may cause worry.


There may be indications for pain in teeth and it will be good for you to have diet control. Avoid eating sweats and confectioneries.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


If you’re single and going on a date with someone new this week, you might feel as if this person promised more than he or she delivered. Perhaps they lied in their online profile or posted a photo of them 10 years and 20 pounds ago. Another possibility is that you’ve simply built up the potential in your mind so much that meeting a real life human turns into a huge letdown. Whatever the details, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go on to the next prospective candidate. Remember, that’s what dating is all about.


This week goes normally; you need to work towards your development. Making new contacts and participating in gatherings will be good for you. You will be able to shine in work. There are good chances for you to make progress and be in good terms with your subordinates. You will be able to maintain a better relationship with your colleagues. On the business side, there will be good returns. Financial progress is said to be good, you will be able to maintain good money balance.


Health will be good and smooth, there would be some minor obstructions and you may suffer with sunstroke.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


This week a Solar Eclipse will land in your partnership sector, making it a prime time for you and someone you’re dating to decide to go exclusive. You might also be one of the romantic couples who get engaged or even decide to marry under Cupid’s vibes. Whatever your personal love story might be, there’s likely to be a definite improvement in your dedication to one another as a result of this eclipse. If you’re single, then you might be slightly dramatic, convinced that you’ll never find your perfect mate. Instead of lamenting your situation, spend time with friends. What’s meant to be yours will not pass you by.


This week you need to put little more efforts. Be relaxed and avoid taking impulsive decisions. Job front looks to be satisfactory. You will be able to carry the work very easily. You may need to be more careful in handling your work and also maintain some patience which will take you closer to success. There are chances for disputes with your colleagues on minor issues which may become major. If you wish to have more money, you can apply for bank loans and secure the same.


As in all things a healthy balance is needed, take a break when you can, going out for a jog or long walks in the country help you relax and unwind after a time of intense deliberations.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Your love life might feel like the land of the lost this week, especially as it relates to domestic matters. Tension on the home front is possible and although it might not have anything to do with your partner, it will somehow filter into your relationship. As a result, you can expect a total buzzkill on romance for most of the week while you and your mate try to recover from a bewildering family issue. If you’re single or dating, there’s slightly better news. You’ll have an opportunity to make something real between you and a crush or someone you’d like to meet on Thursday. It might not be wedding bells, but it could be a real live date. Take it!


This is a dynamic week for you. It’s vital for you to tell others your plans and influence it to clear you’re willing to show the necessary level of compromise that ensures everyone is satisfied. Individuals you’re familiar with and those others you’re considerably nearer to, discover your thoughts and recommendations empowering and you can hope to discover they’re willing to participate in your new found zest for life and good faith for what’s to come.


You may have back pain. Be more physically active.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Love is in the air — and definitely in the stars! A gorgeous Solar Eclipse will illuminate your romance sector this week, inviting an amazing new possibility into your heart. Someone who is quite unusual and not your “type” might come into your life and sweep you off your feet. You’ll share an immediate friendship and intellectual connection, so the differences won’t be off-putting at all. In fact, they are probably what you’ll find most attractive about him or her. If you’re in a relationship, there might be some confusion between you and your partner about chores or your schedule. Hopefully no one will forget to pick up the kids or pay the electric bill, but any of that is possible in your case. Yikes!


The week is said to be an active one. With some adjustments, you will be able to overcome the hurdles. Spending time with your friends will give you immense happiness. Fulfilling your commitments will make you feel happy and satisfied. You may face some stress in carrying out your work but you will achieve by hard work, you may have to travel with regard to your career. With your talent, you will be able to shine well in the job. The week will not be ideal for making the big amount of money.


You may have a headache and this may be due to insecure feelings and tiredness, doing prayers will be good for you.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


If you’re dating someone, you’d be wise to keep finances and romance completely separate this week. While your love might not try to deceive you in an outright way, it’s possible that you’ll feel as if you need to spend more money than you have in order to impress him or her. A night on the town or a Valentine’s Day gift might turn into your entire paycheck if you’re not careful! If you’re going to give someone a gift, decide on your budget in advance and stick to it no matter what. Otherwise, you might be walking the financial walk of shame the next morning.


It is the week for satisfying duties and conveying work efficiently, try to stay positive and work on satisfying your responsibilities by hard work. The week will be an ideal one and you can use it for self-development. You can make some valuable choices for your welfare. You will have the capacity to execute the work on time; you will able to find the work process smooth and straightforward. You will be able to earn money after facing some hurdles, it is essential for you to save money. You will be able to increase up your finances well, support of elders will be there and this will give you satisfaction.


You will experience excellent health. This will be possible by your absolute courage and determination that you can have.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


You and your sweetheart might be focused on domestic matters, but the problem is that you’ll be approaching it from two opposite spectrums. For example, you might be ready to make a change and buy some new furniture or paint a room. That’s all well and good, but once you realize that you and your love have completely different ideas on style and décor, you’ll be scratching your head in despair. Even if you usually have similar taste, this will be a week when you can’t seem to agree on home-related matters for some reason. Save your energy and put all of these projects on the shelf. Besides, there are other ways for the two of you to get busy in the bedroom.


It won’t be an exceptionally productive week you may need some tolerance and this is essential for the week. Get on with the task and don’t expect results very soon. You will look for some work pressure for the week. Thus you may need to plan better in doing your work. With preparation, you will accomplish your objectives effortlessly. Job pressure may be possible, you may need to make adjustments with the work that you are doing. Planning is very much essential; there will be hurdles in gaining more money.


You may have pain in thighs and legs or cold-related problems; it will be good for you to resort to meditation practices.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


You’ll feel really good about where you and your lover stand this week thanks to a stabilizing conversation. Nothing gives you more security than knowing you’ve got a solid foundation to rely on, especially in matters of the heart. If you sense that your lover is capable of threatening to cause any chaos in your world, it will unravel you quickly. Fortunately, that’s not the case right now. In fact, there is more durability in your life than ever before in just about every single department. That includes love.


This week is said to be an adjusting one, you will be upbeat on the off chance that you build up some good understanding with the people around and spread the message of affection and peace. You can improve utilization of keeping up understanding and establishing a relationship. You may need to sacrifice a few comforts related to work; environment won’t be incredibly friendly. Business people will find the week a prosperous one as returns will be good. On the professional side, good recognition will be possible for the work from the superiors.


Health will be good except for chances of cold-related problems that may bother you a bit.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


You are definitely the star of the cosmic show this week thanks to a Solar Eclipse falling in Aquarius on Thursday. This eclipse will have decided implications on your personal development but also on your love life. For starters, you’re feeling more liberated and ready to reveal your weirdness on a whole new level. Fortunately, this is exactly what your partner is most attracted to about you, so you’re likely to receive amazing support from him or her no matter what you’ve got up your sleeve next. In fact, the element of surprise will only make sparks between you fly even more. If your partner could predict what you’d do next, you just wouldn’t be you.


Influence yourself to take part in entertainment and amusement activities and this is except for the week. Have to travel frequently, some worries may bother you. You may not discover much progress in work, there might be less concentration in work thus you may be understanding and stay cautious at work front. You may witness hurdles in the work that you do. You may have loan issues and this may keep you worrying, expenditure will be more for the week and could be for useless things.


You may need to take better care of your health; there may be cold-related problems and digestion problems.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


You might be acting at cross-purposes this week, and although it’ll mostly be detrimental to your professional life, it may also bleed into your love life. The truth is, you’ll be more of a “daydream believer” than anything else, causing great frustration to those around you. Whether it’s your boss, your spouse, or your lover, everyone in your world will sense that you’re floating around with more of a sense of unreality than usual. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked more than once if you’re doing okay. If you’re told to “snap out of it,” don’t take it personally. Escaping to your fantasy world has its time and place, but it won’t serve you well this week.


You can find the week in your favor, and make use of the week for gaining more knowledge and developing your skills, browse through some useful portals where you can gather some information which will be useful for you. You will have the capacity to feel more energetic and decided and this may keep you in high spirits. You will exhibit your ability in work and gain recognition; this recognition will help your talent and influence you to feel more confident. Work front is said to be ideal and give you satisfaction.


There will be all around happiness and excitement which help you to maintain good health.