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Weekly Horoscope 11.12 – 17.12

Aries (21.03-20.04)


You and your sweetheart will have a perfect opportunity to discuss how your spiritual or philosophical beliefs have morphed over time into what they are today. You might even realize that one of you had a certain perspective in the past that is radically different from a current vantage point. This will also be a perfect week to go back and learn about a topic you might have picked up in the past but dropped. You may happily discover that your love shares the same interest. If so, it’ll be so much fun to re-embark on this intellectual journey together.


This week you will be able to meet more responsibilities and involve yourself in spiritual practices. You will be valued by your bosses for the work that you are doing. You have to draw out the exceptional aptitudes that are available to you. You will have the capacity to gain a good name for your work.


You will be able to keep your fitness. You will maintain stable health.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


If you’re married or if you’re in a committed relationship, this will be a perfect week for you and your partner to have a thorough discussion about your finances. A decision might need to happen concerning a joint investment or what to do with recent positive cash flow that has come your way through an inheritance, settlement, or other benefit. If you’re single, this will be a good time to carefully re-evaluate your thoughts on how comfortable you are with sharing all of you when you’re in a relationship. You might realize that you have a bit of work to do here and, if so, your awareness will help you move towards an innovative solution.


This week your flexible approach will be able to get favorable results. Good communication will be effective and may work wonders for you. There will be chances for short distance travel for your work. You have to plan your work systematically and this may help you. There may be errors in your work and you will witness increasing job pressure. You will have expenses which you may find difficult to manage.


There will be symptoms of cold and cough. Avoid taking cold items. You may succumb to digestion related problems.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Think of this week as a blessing to your love life. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde in your partnership sector, but if you and your mate are going through any type of issue, there’s hope. Mercury will align with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, this Friday. That means you and your sweetheart are both motivated to really try and achieve resolution over whatever current disagreements you might have. It also means you’re likely to restore harmony between the two of you. Ahhh, relief! If you’re single, you can look forward to invigorating social time with friends on Saturday. Don’t stay home, you never know who you’ll meet!


You need to be more professional and practical in your approach. It will be good for you to avoid taking important decisions. You can involve yourself in music and amusements. Entertainment will keep you happy; you may need to pay more attention to your work.


You can involve yourself in meditation and this will keep you relaxed and more fit.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


You and your sweetheart might try working together again on a mutual health goal that you either failed at in the past or dropped the ball on recently. Don’t be discouraged, especially since it looks as if the two of you can achieve fantastic success the second time around. What will make a key difference is the fact that you’ll support one another along the way. If you’re single, it’s possible that you’ll reconsider whether or not to pursue a romantic rendezvous with that sexy colleague you’ve been crushing on. Your stars may finally be ready to collide!


This will be a peaceful week and you will be very comfortable. You will also feel satisfied thinking that you have achieved something bigger. You may need to make a lot of adjustment. You may need to avoid taking major decisions. You will have confidence in your work and your superiors will appreciate you.


You will be experiencing very fine health.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


If there is ever a time for one of your ex-lovers to come back into your life, this is the week. Mercury, the planet of communication, is currently retrograde in your true love sector. That alone is enough to bring back the urge to reconnect with an ex. You might find yourself obsessively scrolling through their social media or combing through old cards or letters. This Friday, however, Mercury will connect to Venus, the planet of love and harmony. If you do muster up the courage to start liking your ex’s posts or to send him or her a text message, be prepared for a plot twist. It might lead to a legit rekindling of your romance!


This will be a favorable week; you will find new contacts that will be of immense help to you. Fulfillment of desires will be possible. This is a week to achieve good things. Colleagues will be supportive towards you. You will find a good helping hand from them. There will also be chances for new job opportunities and you may have to travel.


You need not worry as you will be able to keep in good health.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Restoring peace and harmony on the home front is more than possible this week thanks to a healing conversation initiated by your partner. Your mate could very well serve as the peacemaker if you and another relative have been on the outs lately. He or she might also initiate a truce if the two of you have been disagreeing more about domestic matters recently. If you’re single, it’s possible that one of your relatives will insist on setting you up with someone he or she feels would be an ideal match. This would be someone you’ve heard about before but refused. You might have a change of heart now.


You will improve your condition by availing the favorable opportunity. Travel related to spiritual purposes will bring favorable results. The atmosphere at work-place may not be conducive for the week. There may be job pressure and loss of comforts that may cause worries.


It will be good for you to take care of your health. There may be chances for throat related problems.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Conversations with your spouse or partner might be out of the box this week and a little bit fuzzy, but they’ll also be highly inspiring and energizing. Don’t believe for one moment that you and your love need to have everything figured out all at once. That’s a trap that will only set the both of you up for failure. Instead, maximize the energy this week that will allow you both to marinate in sharing your most “out there” thoughts and ideas with one another without worrying about the details. Enjoy each other’s innovative minds, and allow that common denominator to enhance the love you share.


This week may not be favorable or encouraging for pleasant things. You may learn to find out the right way for you. You may need to resort to some effective planning. You may succumb to job pressure which may cause you some concern. Plan your work and perform accordingly. Keep your mind cool and be flexible in a relationship with your superiors as there may be chances for disputes with them.


Health may not be in good condition. There may be chances for frustrations due to job-pressure.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


If you and your partner have not been on the same page lately concerning what you each value, this will be a good week to have a conversation about it. While it’s perfectly fine to have separate interests and to want to spend money on what you believe is worthwhile, this might have thrown a monkey wrench into your relationship recently. This will be true if one of you has overspent on a hobby or other pursuit that the other feels is a waste of money. Recognize that you don’t always have to agree on what money should be spent on, but you do need to come to an agreement on a mutual budget for individual pursuits. Happily, if you talk openly about it now, you should be able to reach a compromise.


This is said to be an active week. You will have the initiative to succeed. You will make efforts for your self-development. The week may not be exciting enough to make yourself happy. You will be in a state of confusion. You should concentrate on your work and this will guide you to promote your interests. You will have limited progress in work. You will get carried away by job pressure. You need to plan well enough to finish your tasks on time.


You will have a stable health and courage will keep you in good form. You may be prone to skin related problems.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Although you may feel as if you’re not coming across to your love in a way he or she can truly comprehend this week, you’re going to catch a break. Mercury is still retrograde in your sign but will link up in a positive way to Venus, the planet of love and harmony, which is also now in your sign. This is a huge assist if you wanted to smooth over any recent rough edges in communication between you and your mate. If you’re single, this might be a fabulous week to connect with someone new. The Sun in your sign will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises, which is now in your romance sector. A chance encounter with a sexy, unique person might change everything.


You may get unexpected returns. A different approach to handling things will be good for you. You may take useful decisions too. You may come across new contacts which will prove helpful. You may have to travel on this week. You will complete your tasks on time and you will be active. You will be appreciated for your efforts. You will have a favorable condition on the job front.


You will not be having health problems for the week.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


If you’re consulting with a therapist or other healer about past love life traumas, this week you might have a cathartic breakthrough. You might finally be able to let go of whatever it is you’ve been holding on to that has kept you from loving someone new. If you’re in a relationship, then this might help you with finally being able to reach a new level of harmony with your sweetheart by deciding to forgive any past hurts connected to your partnership. In other news, you and your mate are likely to receive happy and unexpected news from a family member. It’ll be something to celebrate!


You may need to be more practical and professional to see better results. Avoid negative thoughts. You should try not to worry about your problems and keep yourself happy. There may be some delays in executing your work. Financial prospects may not come handy to you easily. You will not get satisfaction out of your monetary condition.


Minor ailments like eye infections may be present. Take some preventive care for your health.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


This might be a good week to re-evaluate that romantic relationship you’ve got going on with a friend. Is this a “friends with benefits” situation, or has it turned into something more? Has one of you fallen in love, while the other is determined to be lovers without attachment? There is a definite shift happening in this connection. Happily, it appears that the both of you can get what you want. You both simply need to be willing to allow this relationship to evolve the way it’s meant to. Stop pushing it. Most of all, stop trying to define it.


This will be a moderate week. You should keep yourself cool and composed to see things in your favor. Systematic planning will help in handling difficult tasks efficiently. You may have job pressure and also face hurdles that you may face while managing your work. You may not be able to display out your work properly. There will be chances of mistake in your work.


You may spend money for the health of your mother. There may be possibilities for pain in shoulders.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


It seems as if you’ve got a lot of thinking — and re-thinking — to do about your current professional goals. There might be something you’re thinking about going back to. This might be a previous career path or a goal you set for yourself in the past that somehow got put up on a shelf for “one of these days.” This is the week you might decide that day has arrived. If you are in a relationship, then your partner may serve as a helpful sounding board as you try to figure all of this out. If you’re single, it’s possible that an old boss or other VIP connected to your career will express romantic interest. You might be interested, but you should definitely handle this with care.


You can earn favors by way of your pleasant communication and you will try ways to improve things in your life. You can achieve satisfaction after facing certain hurdles. Try to shun your worries and keep your mind relaxed. You will be having fortune and better luck in delivering your work on time. There will be travel related to work and this will be suitable for you.


More energy and positive feelings will guide you to maintain the same. You may need to take care of your health.