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Weekly Horoscope 11.09 – 17.09

Aries (21.03-20.04)


If you walk into this week feeling so giddy that you wonder if you’ve lost your mind, not to worry: your mental faculties are fully intact. There is no sweeter feeling than falling for someone you feel a true connection with. These ties are few and far between in our lives, but lucky you — your time has arrived. The turning point for you was very recent: when you got out of your own way and gave yourself permission to open your heart and surrender to the romantic possibilities that are right in front of you. Soak it all up, Aries. This is not a dream. This is not a game. It’s real. Repeat: The love is real.


This may be a pleasant week for you with high energy and go ahead spirit. You will convince your bosses with sensible presentations. You may turn out from the majority of your issues amid this week. People engaged in foreign lands and did well during this week.


Health will be moderate this week.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Nothing delights you more than the comforts in life and sharing them with someone special. You’ve got incredible potential this week to move forward with your mate in creating the ultimate dream home. If you’ve recently started living together, you’ll find that the adjustment period has been seamless. How did you ever live apart? If you’re a single Taurus, there’s no shortage of sexy potential in your world these days either, but honestly, you need to get over yourself first. Overcome that fear of connecting with that special someone around you and take the leap. A conversation with this person on Saturday might lead to something incredible.


This may be a prominent week. You may find great opportunities in career. There will be a success in negotiations or deals with new persons during this week. You will come out successful in competitions. You may not be able to impress superiors in spite of hard work. You may need more money to meet your financial obligations.


Health will be good.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


Whether you’re single or attached, your capacity to open your heart and give love in the most generous, lavish way is magnified now. You’ll have no problem propping up your sweetheart and reminding him or her of their fabulousness. Big words of love are likely to fly out of your mouth, so if you’re dating someone new, don’t be surprised if you’re the one who utters these sentiments first. You won’t regret it either, because when your mind connects with what your heart feels, you know you’ve got something special. Single? Write down your list of “must have” traits for your perfect lover. Read it out loud. Prepare for a magical outcome.


This may be a demanding week for you and may result in extreme work pressure. Terms may not be positive between you and superiors. Situations may demand more efficiency from you. You should control your emotions and try to be reasonable in your behavior. People engaged in business may make good money.


You may suffer from headaches and hypertension.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


Not every week will bring life-altering circumstances to your love life, and to be honest, for once you’ll be happy to focus on something else: money. Your financial and career world is on fire thanks to a cosmic line-up that’s sure to make you smile. What you would appreciate from your mate as you pursue whatever opportunity is about to befall you, is support. Unfortunately, that might be given begrudgingly. On Wednesday your mate won’t enjoy having to reshuffle his or her schedule to accommodate the extra help you’ll need, but hey, relationships are give-and-take, right? This is your partner’s week to give.


This may be a satisfactory week for you and may favor you with speculative gains. During this week you may have success over enemies. You will compliment remarkable respect in your livelihood line. Individuals may get a conviction to start to assert business. Most extreme care ought to be taken while continuing for long trips.


Start exercising to improve your health.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Are you sick and tired of hearing how amazing your love life prospects are yet? Didn’t think so. Well get ready to experience the very best of what has been brewing for you lately. Venus in Leo will continue to make you the fairest of them all, but this week she’ll also connect to several planets, making your love life the sweetest. If you just started dating someone, it’s likely that you’ll decide it’s time to go exclusive. If you’re single, expect to magnetize that sexy someone with your vibe. And if you’re attached, it’s possible that you and your love will make an unexpected move that adds spark and excitement to your relationship. Nice!


This may be a distracting week for you. You may not be able to give your best for several reasons. You may leave most of your tasks unfinished. You should devote more time for profession matters. You may plan for new business activity with the support of friends.


You may suffer from back pain.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Unless you’re having a secret love affair, you might feel cheated out of this week’s fantastic romantic aspects. The truth is, you and your partner might be arguing over a domestic matter, and if that’s the case, you might lose your cool. Screaming your head off usually isn’t your style, but you might stoop to that level by Saturday if you’re not super aware of your actions. What seems to be irking you the most is that you truly are doing it all these days. It’s time to tell your love that something needs to change. FYI: Communication will work much better than throwing a tantrum.


This may be a dynamic week for you and will make dynamic and energetic. New additions while in travel will bring more fun. You will make a worthy attempt to enhance financial status. This is a productive week for long haul speculation. You will add a new partner in the business.


Keep yourself flexible and relaxed.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Expect plenty of snap, crackle and pop in your love life this week! You’ll have no shortage of occasions to show off your lover at parties and other fun-filled events. Everyone will remark how adorable you look together, and the more attention you receive as a couple, the more it’ll turn you on. If you’re single, this IS the week to get out there and mingle. Opportunities are literally everywhere you go, so please don’t stay home on your couch every night this week, Libra. Romantic prospects are a terrible thing to waste.


This may be a supporting week for you and may bless you with fresh possibilities. You may find new associations or relations at work place. This is an outstanding week for booking profits in speculative investments. You may be perplexed with some sudden and massive expenditure towards the end of this week.


You will be in a good health.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


You and your partner have all the makings of power couple. Although this isn’t necessarily about sleeping your way to the top, there is definitely an element of your lover helping you get ahead now. He or she appears to know exactly the right VIP to introduce you to in order to help you market your talents and nab a significant opportunity. The best part about this is that your mate truly feels as if he or she is better off because you are in their world. Lifting each other up is the best part about being in love. This week, you’ll see it for yourself.


This may be an aggressive week for you and may bring unexpected changes in career. You ought to be careful while assessing individuals around you. Mystery foes may try to harm your reputation. You may get positive communications in the middle of this week. You may have a lack of confidence or low spirits throughout this week.


You may have cold-related problems.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


Your love life is reaching exciting heights! This week you and your sweetheart might enjoy group activities together that allow you to explore a spiritual or academic interest you share. This might take the shape of the two of you enrolling in an adult education class or workshop, but it may also be online studies that you participate in. Adding to the mix, a conversation you and your sweetie have with a mentor or other expert might blow your minds and somehow bring even more spark to your love connection. If single, a sexy someone with international appeal might enter the picture. Hmmm … where will it lead?


This may be a profitable week for you. You may be interested in easy money or gains without pains. You need a large amount of discipline and effective communication skills. There may be a significant improvement in revenue for your efforts. You may have financial stability in spite of some temporary problems in a career.


Health will be great this week.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Although deep, intimate sexuality is typically a private matter, this week you’re determined to open up and let your partner know exactly what turns you on the most. The good news? He or she will happily reciprocate your openness. As a result, the two of you may find yourselves experimenting with all sorts of fun romantic potential. This can be anything from sex toys and other gadgets to role playing — or even something a little more taboo. Hey, as long as you both have a safe word, let the games begin!


This may be a idle week for you and may help you to manage the balance in care. You may have serious distractions at work place. You will make good money in business. You may have an opportunity for work abroad and be confident about your prospects.


Take care of your health.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


You and your sweetheart will know how to make each other feel like a king and a queen. Venus will continue to sway through your 7th House of Relationships, offering a great deal of harmony and support in your love life. This week, Venus will make dazzling aspects to other planets in the sky, offering you and your honey romantic delights beyond anything you could have hoped for. Actually, scratch that. This is the time to share your ultimate romantic dream with your mate. He or she will not disappoint you.


This may be a struggling week for you. Your aggressive approach may bring new problems with higher executives. You should be more thoughtful and clear in your expressions. Always be alert while sending official communications.


You will be able to maintain good health.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


Watch out! This week your partner will have more fire behind his or her words, and if you’re not careful, you’re sure to get burned. Mercury and Mars will collide in your relationship sector on Saturday, making your love passionate about communication but also short-tempered — and possibly nasty. If you end up arguing about anything, he or she might criticize you with acidic words until you shrink into oblivion. Not cool. If you’re single, this might not be your most exciting time for romantic potential. If you’re hearing couples all around you bickering however, you might be happier flying solo. For now, that is.


This may be a tough week for you. Planets are indicating challenging and hazardous situations in life. This week you may not have sufficient motivation. You will have sudden changes in career much against your will.


You may suffer from indigestion and constipation.