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Weekly Horoscope 10.07 – 16.07

Aries (21.03-20.04)


You might be in a rotten mood early in the week. A standoff between you and an authority figure such as one of your parents or your boss might really get underneath your skin. Stay away from your partner so that you don’t inadvertently take out your frustration on him or her. By Friday, however, romantic conversations are possible. In fact, your lover can help you make a vital decision that you’ve been on the fence about.


You’re ready to make progress with proper gestures and winning ways that help you settle any debate. Make sure to ruin yourself as well, so your inspirational attitude can be made to last. There can be fair chances for you to secure appreciation from your superiors for the work. Perform work with courage and determination as this is most essential for the week.


You may have chances of a headache and hypertension.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


Your words might have a sharp bite to them early in the week. If you and your partner are having a fundamental difference in opinion about a spiritual or moral situation, it might be difficult to move past it. Neither one of you will be able to convince the other that your own view has any redeeming value. With the both of you so close-minded, it might even threaten your relationship. Fortunately, after Friday a family member might be able to offer advice that helps you address the situation.


It will be a week with less movement. You can spend the week in self-advancement. Abstain from taking real choices. By holding fast to organized calendars and compelling arranging, you can deal with the occupation pressure. This is most required for the week. Unafraid you take on more duties despite the fact that you’ve enough to do as of now.


You need to do physical exercises or meditation to keep yourself fit. Health care is essential for the week.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


A financial battle might consume you and your partner early in the week. The two of you may have very different ideas on how money should be allocated, and if so, there may be an attempt by your partner to take control of financial decisions. You aren’t likely to give in easily, and as a result, the two of you may lock horns. Fortunately, by Friday there will be extraordinary support for you and your lover to have a productive and romantically supportive conversation. You’ll move past the money issue.


You can keep your mind free. This week is perfect for winning new contacts and companions. The business-related advance may not be entirely conceivable. You will get an appreciation for the work that you do. Gaining incentives and perks will be possible. Give some genuinely significant consideration especially to those individuals around you, who are less lucky.


Well-being will be in excellent condition.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


This might not be the easiest week for you and your partner. On Monday the Sun will oppose Pluto, now in your relationship sector. As a result, you may feel controlled or manipulated by your partner this week. Or, you might feel as if he or she is lying to you — possibly even betraying your trust. While this certainly may not be the case, the fact that you’re feeling these feelings is a signal that the two of you need to open up the lines of communication — pronto!


You will gain help from your dear companions. You can make utilization of the week by participating in functions and meeting new individuals. You have to put more focus in your work keeping in mind the end goal to use proficient control and effectiveness over your appointed assignments. You confront various difficulties, and feel as though you need to substantiate yourself constantly.


Well-being will be fine and great, you will be in a position to keep up physical fitness.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Although you might have a run-in this week with one of your coworkers, if you’re careful not to bring your frustrations home, it’s possible that by the end of the week you and your lover will enjoy a much needed reprieve. The two of you may decide to take a weekend getaway to a place you both enjoy. This will likely be driving distance, and the road trip will be part of the fun. Nice!


You can spend the week in otherworldly interests and chanting of heavenly mantras will profit you a great deal. There might be a few unsettling influences in relations with your subordinates. This week will give more travel identified with work. The anxiety you’re feeling is mostly your own particular doing.


Health issues for the mother will be present. You may need to spend money for the same.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


Your heart might need a Band-Aid this week. On Monday, the Sun and Pluto will engage in a nasty opposition that crosses your romance sector. You might feel as if your lover is trying to micromanage your every move when it comes to your social life. It seems like he or she wants to control who you’re spending time with and when, and you’re not having it. This will need to be addressed ASAP.


This week will give more travel identified with work. You will be extremely occupied in your work for the week. The financial advance will be normal for the week. You will have both costs and gains, and you should be cautious in taking care of cash.


Health would be normal this week.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Family problems might put a damper on your love life. You may feel as if you have an impossible mountain to climb regarding a domestic matter. One of you relatives might be in a situation that has spiraled out of control, and although you want very much to help, your type of assistance might be rejected. Fortunately, by Friday you’ll have a much needed night out with friends or your sweetheart which will help take the edge off. You’ll need it.


This is an average week for you. There may be some disappointments or hurdles in discharging your duties efficiently. Try to be in good terms with your colleagues at work. However, your high self-confidence makes you rather ruthless in certain situations, and you show little regard for those you leave behind as long as you get what you want!


Health will be moderate this week.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


You might come on too strong this week with your words. Your conversations may take on a tone that is abrasive to others — particularly your lover. Another possibility is that you won’t be in the mood for trivial banter, but rather you’ll want to focus on getting to the root of any problems. Don’t forget that not everyone else will be comfortable with this level of intensity. Be willing to meet others where they are if you truly want to relate.


You will discover accomplishment for the week. Make utilization of the week for taking significant choices. You’re thinking will likewise be certain. Time might be an imperative for the week and deferrals are conceivable in executing your work. Quick cash will be accessible for you. You will have the capacity to keep up good bank balance.


There may be sleeping problems for you. This may cause problems in health.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


You want to be in control of the finances in your relationship. Perhaps you feel as if you do a better job handling money. Or, it’s possible that you make more money than your partner and feel entitled to have the final say in decision making as a result. Recognize that if you push this issue in a way that feels controlling or manipulative to your mate, it’ll only start a relationship war. There has to be a common ground. Find it.


You can put your mental resources to the task and gain the good achievement. Be relaxed and keep out of frustrations that may be possible. You will get assistance from your colleagues, and this will highly benefit you. Practical, you’re made and certain about the way you approach any extraordinary issues and improvements both at work and on the home front.


Health care is most essential for the week. You may be prone to cold related problems, pain in thighs and legs.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


You have more power and influence over the direction of your relationship than you realize this week. Unfortunately, it may be all too easy for you to abuse it. Do your best to cultivate an atmosphere between you and your mate that honors each other’s personal power. Not allowing your mate to shine his or her light may not be your intention, but it might very well be the end result. Don’t go there.


Being alert to the changing situations will help you take the right action. However, you stand to lose certain comforts for the week. You will apply more efforts in carrying out work. There will be job pressure, and you may need to cope up with the extra pressure.


Health will be moderate. You may face a headache and hypertension.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


You might be concerned about your health — either physically or emotionally — early in the week. It’s possible that your love life is stressing you out and causing you to become ill. If there is a problem between you and your sweetheart that you have been internalizing, you’ll need to address it. Otherwise, it appears that you’ll literally get yourself sick over it. Fortunately, a productive — even inspiring — conversation with your partner can happen on Friday.


The week will promote your interests and will help you win many favors. This will be possible by your hard work. Your superiors will appreciate your intelligence level. You will also be able to maintain good relations with your subordinates.


Physical fitness will be in good condition. This you can maintain it by doing meditation.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


One of your friends might be jealous of a budding romance you have with someone special. It might not be the fact that you’re falling in love that bothers him or her so much. The problem may be more connected to the fact that you no longer have as much free time to devote to your friend now that you’re in a relationship. Have a conversation sooner rather than later about this situation. It doesn’t have to become contentious.


This may be a stable week for you. You will be successful in preserving cordial relations with superiors. Your pleasant and extraordinary ideas will help you to improve the efficiency. There will be friendly relationships with co workers also. It is better if you can initiate a search for new earning opportunities.


You may be prone to headaches.